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  1. Few

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    It's near Santa Rosa, I met a girl a couple of weeks ago who works there and loves it.
  2. Few

    Spoiler alert

    See look at all the posts, and Bob thought it was lonely at the top?
  3. Few

    Craftsman-Guaranteed for life

    Everyone should check there policy, Liability coverage is just that. For $100 you can add a floater to cover anything on your homeowners policy. The next thing god will smack all the Prius drivers here with is the big earthquake that's overdue. I now have CEI added to my policy until then.
  4. Few

    Craftsman-Guaranteed for life

    No, He was totally OK with it and instructed his employees to give me what ever I needed to exchange. It was kind of funny after we did all the wrenches ratchets and extensions we got to my 5 gallon bucket full of sockets and they said to me would you be OK with just this 299 piece set? Would I! Wood Eye! I could not believe my good fortune. Up to this point though I have not been able to replace all of my saws, table chop band arm planner. All the electric and air tools or plastic handled hand tools and all the pliers and cutters have not been replaced either. If I am ever able to go back to work, I will need a few more things. Sears did a great job getting me started on the long road to replacement and recovery of my life. Thank you again Sears!
  5. Few

    New girfriend is to Fat

    Yes, and that's also my description of every single woman sitting at the bar during last call.
  6. Just picked up a fresh '16, thank you - thank you. She's add a few pounds over the years compared to my '06. Aside from the installed FMF, shorai battery and/or loose the kickstand? Is there any other cost effective weight shaving gains to be made on Fat Betty at this point?
  7. Just installed the Unabiker last week on my 16, I had them on my 06 foefiddy for 10 years without ever sustaining any damage to the rads. $99 cheap insurance for not replacing a rad.
  8. It was a large task to recover my 4 Craftsman toolbox's after the fire. I took 5 firemen and myself to load 1 bottom box. I can not say enough kind words about the manager of Santa Rosa Sear's. They replaced every hand tool out of the store's profit not corporate. I live in a great community, thank you again Sears! Guaranteed for life.
  9. Few

    california New Girlfriend

    Few is back! I Just got a fresh 16 to start off the new toys lost in the fire.
  10. Few

    Dirt Biking The Rubicon.

    Really wish I did this last month! My Ferrari based, arm ripping off WR450 never had the opportunity to do the rube. RIP.
  11. Few


    Please, don't be a hero... I know you are an Invincible Dirt biker but think of your families first! Second, Help any way if you can! Santa Rosa T-Mobile Gave me a new I-phone-charger-case-water-food-huggs....All I had was the shirt on my back and my "10 year old Brick on it's last leg" when I walked in! They took all the time to show how operate a I-phone ( sorry they called my old phone a Nokia brick) and said I could come back any time for more help anytime and Did not Ask for a Dime! Makes cry again just thinking how they have helped me today. T-Mobile brought in a Special Satellite Truck for the area's hit because we lost 76 cell towers here in Sonoma County. 23 dead so far, none on my watch.... All of my elderly neighbors are alive. I woke them all up at 2:00 am by kicking their doors in and dragging them out of bed. I made sure my court was evacuated before I left! Another T-Mobile Sat Truck is on it's way south from Washington to help. If there is one thing I can say is this community has really come together, helping where they can. My last soap box comment is that it takes a village to raise a child and the out poring of people helping my my son get through these tragic times have been so incredible, unbelievable just amazing ..... We have lost our house but we still have our Home! Please stay safe all!
  12. Few


    That's my neighborhood! Santa Rosa is Burnt toast. My XR and WR are pools of metal!
  13. Few

    Dirt Biking The Rubicon.

    I'm glad I'm not camping this weekend, I just saw the news- rain hell it's gonna snow!
  14. Few

    Dirt Biking The Rubicon.

    Try lowering the water level in the tank float if their too wet. Also try giving it a flush while seated to obtain that swirling effect for a nice rinse after a sweaty days work or ride!
  15. Few

    Dirt Biking The Rubicon.

    I won't tell you that mine are big but now they hang so low they float in the toilet bowl.