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  1. Concur . Use a higher PRESSURE radiator cap . I would find a way to measure the temp too . You may be having pressure (as in too much) and NOT temp issues . Does any one out there know if the head bolts are "torque to yield" type and/or single use ? ...dont have my manual handy .
  2. Batmandog

    Magazine reviews & opinions

    "HI horse power" huh ?! Dyno's are another area where I have some experience ....lots actually and this goes to rider "subjectiveness"-if that's a word . Anyway , I once did some pipe (2 stroke,2000 RM125 I believe) testing with a top 5 Arenacross racer . He had used each of the pipes at one time or another while testing - one of them was a sponser and obviously that was his raceday pipe . Long story short , the pipe that I would have chosen for him (best power with broadest torque) wasn't even close to his favorite real world pipe which produced the least power but was the "peakiest" and felt the fastest . This would be why guys like Keith McCarty and Erv Kanemoto are worth their weight in gold . Dyno's are awesome in the right hands but the bike still has to ridden by a man and if the man aint happy with the machine , the man aint winnin' the race !
  3. Batmandog

    Magazine reviews & opinions

    I'm sure some are biased towards a certain make but I doubt it's because of some financial stake . I've found most reviews to pretty good . Different riders have different tastes and as long as you've got an idea who the guy is that's doing the evaluating and that there ARE several different riders ie. pro/novice/fast old guy I dont ...or I have not had a big problem with this ....and some guys have their favorite make , humans are human . Case in point; Ever read a magazine test of one Ricky Carmichaels bikes ? It seems that most testers find them bizarre at best yet look at the results .... This is just personal experience . I still have a personal preference for Suzuki GSXR's , years of racing them just make them feel like home . My Yamaha YZ450 on the other hand , broke and dislocated my arm...OK , that was my fault !!
  4. Batmandog

    Pictures of my YZ450 in Wales

    Please tell me that's Guiness in the Diet Coke bottle !!
  5. Batmandog

    yz450 problem

    Assuming that your engine/tranmission is tight , works and looks fine I wouldn't sweat it . You could probably do a few very short interval oil changes to make it look prettier . If the oil got a little old and black one time it'll take a few flushes to clear out the nooks and crannies in the engine/trans. Other causes : Tired engine/ring blow by goes right into the crankcase makes it black and clutch fiber material usually looks sort of like very well shaken balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing ...ok not the best analogy but ground up clutch fiber is pretty obvious .........Anyone else ?
  6. Batmandog

    03 450 locked up

    Since the cost of repair at this point is unknown - and I guess it depends partly on how much of it you can do on your own - my unscientific estimate is that worst...or best case scenario is you can save 12-15 hrs shop labor time if you're capable of repairing it yourself . Hey , maybe it just needs a big bore kit !
  7. Batmandog

    03 450 locked up

    Good friggin' point . Occasionally the obvious escapes even me !
  8. Batmandog

    03 450 locked up

    You may want to find out exactly why it's locked up ; transmission/clutch or crank/rod/piston . Cylinders are repairable through the aftermarket and pistons/rods replaceable w/aftermarket or stock . Millenium has a good reputation for cyl repair , you'll have to check pricing yourself . Transmission parts will come from Yamaha only (as far as I know ) and you can find good prices on the internet . Lots of aftermarket clutch parts around but I believe cost is usually about the same as stock since most of the stuff is heavy duty/upgrade .. You can put it neutral and try to hand crank it - not w/the kickstarter but w/a ratchet on the crank . If it turns over then you know the engine isn't stuck ...and remove the sparkplug too just in case the cylinder is full of gasoline . If the engine turns then you have drivetrain issues .......and some of the others can chime in w/good sources for parts ...
  9. Batmandog

    BK Mod theory??

    Finally someone states the obvious ! I was starting to worry that I wasn't riding hard enough because I never experienced "the bog" while actually riding the bike !
  10. Batmandog

    BK Mod theory??

    Finally somone says the obvious ! I was starting to worry that I wasn't riding hard enough because I never experienced "the bog" while actually riding the bike !
  11. Ha! A quote from one my salty old Navy Maintenance Master Chiefs seems appropriate :"....but we learned something ...Right??!" Audiovisualize that quote two inches from your face @ 130 decibels !
  12. Oh yeah , those steel sandwich gaskets are pretty rugged ..at least on the Japanese bikes where most of my engine experience is . I've reused them on engines with nitrous before ....I'm sure there's a limit but..anyway , I'd be comfortable doing it on my personal bike .
  13. Any fiber gaskets - I believe you took the cylinder off so that would be the base gasket (cylinder/crankcase) . You can re-use the head gasket , clean it off and put some gasket sealer (I've had good sucess with Permatex Copper Cote) on it or high temp (exhaust) paint works too if you've got some in the garage . Use common sense on any O-rings that may have come off . Scotchbrite pads work good for cleaning mating surfaces . I haven't had a YZ engine apart in a few yrs , my own included fortunately ! The above advice is just standard motorcycle engine mechanics stuff ..and of course keep inspecting as you assemble since we still dont know why it stopped .... well , other than now that it's in F-ing pieces !
  14. 1) My point earlier about how your motor feels when you kickstart it is this ; you've started it many times and know what it feels like , if it suddenly feels different (and wont start!)then the two are probably connected . You dont need to be a shit hot mechanic to see the coincidence . 2)The big end of the rod (crank) should have some side to side (R-L) play , it should NOT have up/down play , the same goes for the rod small end/wrist pin (piston) . Dont sweat having the cam chain come off of the crank , it's really not hard to get back on there . 3) SLOW DOWN ! It's obviously too late now but it's relatively easy to check the crank/rod/piston without taking the top off . You're going to feel silly if you find out that it was just dirty carb or something stupid ....and yes , I did learn this lesson the hard way ....a long , long time ago ! 4) Get back to work , use the manual .
  15. Good call ! To check the rod bearing ; remove spark plug , bring piston (hand crank) up to and then a bit past top dead center - the idea is to get piston moving on the down stroke - then get a screwdriver long enough to push the piston down with through the plug hole - push on the piston , if moves easily for about a 1 or 2 mm then stops w/a little thunk then you've got rod bearing issues .