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  1. knewton7

    Moto'ing Baja with my son (and friends too)

    Hey tim, very cool to read down through your post here. I remember when I brought my son down to ride for his 16th birthday a couple years ago. Great event for father and son. Lifetime of memories together. God Bless, hope all is well with you and bbm. kevin
  2. knewton7

    What would it take?

    yamaha9985, my friends and I had the same thought in 2007. we went down and watched the 500 in 07 then hooked up with Bajaboundmoto.com and did the race rental with them. It was about the amount of money you are talking about and it was well worth it. we raced before, but never in baja and once we got down there to pre-run we instantly knew we were with the right people. Long story short. We raced the 2008 500 with Tim Morton and crew and it was one of the greatest adventures of our lives. Its worth checking them out. 402x in the 2008 Baja 500
  3. knewton7

    RACE REPORT--Ironman on a mission- lance kane

    Lance, Thanks for the great report on your ride. Glad to support your effort and great seeing you at the start line. Kevin Newton
  4. knewton7

    Sportsman bikes/quads and Trophy Trucks/class 1 cars

    Enjoy this thread. I don't comment much on TT but thought I would throw in my 2 cents. As one of those guys who wanted to race baja but had no experience the best thing our team did was use bajaboundmoto's race rental. I know that sound's like a cheesy advertisement but it is really the fact of our experience. We found out early that Baja racing has a steep learning curve. The experience and advice of BBM made up for a good deal of our inexperience, flattened out the learning curve a little and reduced the risk as much as possible. We raced the 08 500 and have been back to baja for the BBB1 and a tour ride with BBM. In the wake of all the "sportsman are going to get killed in baja" sentiment on this thread, I just want to say our experience with the whole week of pre-running, learning what to do and not do, and the race itself was a great time we will never forget and I highly recommend it to those who want to do it. I would think that if the trucks were even another hour behind, many less moto guys would get passed. Also, a solid rookie meeting by SCORE would help. Beyond that I don't think you can sanitize baja racing too much, or it wouldn't be what it is to so many of you vets. just sayin, knewton7
  5. knewton7

    309x Ron Wilson Spot link - Spy photo - Thank you

    like ron said, just joking, not serious at all, of course. back to ron and the awesome solo ride. excellent!!!! knewton7
  6. knewton7

    309x Ron Wilson Spot link - Spy photo - Thank you

    Ron, I prayed that Kawi would blow up but apparently didn't happen. Good job on your ride. you are a motobeast, great pictures at the finish. knewton7
  7. knewton7

    309x Ron Wilson Spot link - Spy photo - Thank you

    http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx99/knewton58/001105-1.jpg Good luck on your ride. Here is a picture from the beach bash. when you end up on the podium, I can say I told em so. knewton7
  8. knewton7

    Ride Report: 2009 Baja Beach Bash

    this is my favorite pic of the baja beach bash. the final in the hill climb with Johnny Campbell getting the hole shot and Brian Cambell taking the outside line. The riding was great and it was cool for a novice rider like myself to hang with so many baja vets. Thanks to Baja Bound Moto and all the others for putting it together. knewton7 http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx99/knewton58/00149.jpg
  9. knewton7

    2008 BAJA 1000 - Official RACE DAY THREAD

    sorry, seems i asked the wrong question.
  10. knewton7

    2008 BAJA 1000 - Official RACE DAY THREAD

    honestly, no accusations of cheating by anyone. if they trackers are that tempermental then maybe they don't work very well. i was fired up to follow the race but then discovered that the leaders were not tracking, kind of a bummer. maybe IRC could improve their product.
  11. knewton7

    2008 BAJA 1000 - Official RACE DAY THREAD

    hey everyone, just wondering. why is it that 1x, 10x, 305x, 2x, 400x and the girls team 169x not tracking and seem to have disabled gps devices. coincidence? I honestly don't know. It just seems odd for them all to be not working? thoughts?
  12. knewton7

    2008 BAJA 500 Race Day-Post here from the peanut gallery...

    I have never posted anything to a thumpertalk forum but I had to dive in and say what a great time we had with bajaboundmoto at this years 500. I was on the 402x team and our experience was fantastic because we hooked up with BBM. Completely worth the cost involved for rookies like us, from pre-run support, to race bike (just incredible), to race day support and even getting to hang with Jonah and Ron as they ran circles around us during pre-running. We were slow after I crashed a couple times and lost a visor and had useless goggles coming into Ensenada looking into the sun, but we finished and had the time of our lives. Thanks to the whole crew at BBM. Anyone thinking about racing baja for the first time would do themselves a big favor and eliminate a good deal of danger and stress by contacting bajaboundmoto.com. Can't say enough good stuff about our experience with BBM. 2008 Baja 500 - Team 402x
  13. knewton7

    Pro Circuit Clutch springs

    How about Barnett springs? Anyone have them? Cost is $14.95 compared to $50 or so for Pro Circuit.
  14. knewton7

    WR450 Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank...?

    check the motosport.com website for the Acerbis 6.6 gallon tank for the WR450. kevin
  15. knewton7

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    I ordered it right here through TT and had it in about a week.