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    Radiator Guards in Austraila

    I will reduce them to $150 Australian delivered to your door. thats less than they are in USA seeing as our dollar is worth 48 cents.
  2. If anyone in Aussie with a WR or YZ 400 98/99 model is interested in some Flatland racing Radiator Guards give me a ring on 0417 464812 or 0268451546. They are much stronger than the Devol guards and are not available in Australia. I ordered them for a 2000 model and they sent the wrong ones. They are brand new and cost over $200 australian to get them. I will sell them for $175. Seeing as a radiator for the WR is $476 its cheap insurance against rock and stick damage as well as Kangaroo's as I found out!!!
  3. I have a 2000WR Australian model and have changed to YZ timing. It sounds like you have lined up the wrong mark on the fly wheel for both cams to be out by 1 tooth. There is spark firing mark as well so make sure you line up the staight line. With WR timing the left mark on the exhaust cam and the right mark on the inlet cam should line up with the gasket surface of the head. With YZ timing the right mark on both cams should line up with the gasket surface so you should just turn the exhaust cam 1 tooth clockwise. As for jetting with YZ timing try the standard DRQ needle in the 2nd clip position from the top( 2 leaner than standard) and a 45 pilot, 170 main with the fuel screw about 2 turns out. Adjust the fuel screw to suit conditions. You may need to adjust jetting slightly depending on your exhaust and altitude but this should put you in the ballpark.
  4. MKB

    Now I'm Red and Blue

    136kg dry according to Australian tests. 1 kg heavier than the XR600
  5. MKB

    Now I'm Red and Blue

    136kg dry according to Australian tests. 1 kg heavier than the XR600
  6. MKB

    YZ Timing and jetting issues......

    If its colder you need richer jetting just the same as when your bike is cold it needs richer jetting to run ie- the choke, which provides more fuel or cuts back the air depending on what bike or carby your using. The WR provides more fuel. The reason is that cold air is more dense than warm so it makes your bike run leaner.
  7. MKB

    valve timing (australian models)

    I still beleive that if you got your jetting right with the YZ timing you would be even happier. Heaps more punch in the midrange is lots of fun. Try leaning of the needle position. (raise the clip)
  8. MKB

    valve timing (australian models)

    I have a 2000WR Australian model with YZ timing. I have it running well. The secret seems to be getting the pilot jetting and needle sorted out and then they go great. I have not heard that our cams are any different to the USA. The carb is different on the 2000 model so this jetting may not work for you. I have a Staintune muffler and header and normally use a road bike baffle that gives more performance than the standard one. Its the same as Sidetrack used on there coast to coast WR's. When first changing to YZ timing my bike ran horrible down low and in the midrange. The Australian DRQ standard needle is richer than the USA and it was the main problem in the standard position. Leaning it of to position 3 made the world of difference. Getting the pilot right makes a huge difference to low end response and luging abilty. Too rich and it loads up heaps and hesitates, too lean and it has a flat feel and stalls easily. Get it right and you can lug away to your hearts disire. You can nearly count the thumps on tight snotty hills. The pilot circuit seems very afected by different conditions. Muffler, heat, humidity, altitude and how much oil you have on your air filter. I have settled on a 45 pilot with no baffle and a 42 with the road bike baffle. Then I just turn the pilot screw normally between 1 and 1 3/4 turns to suit conditions. I am running a 168 main jet. I am trying to make a easier way to adjust the pilot screw because it makes such a big difference to get it right. It would be nice to have a cable mounted up to the bars so you could do it on the run. I beleive getting the jetting right is the best performace mod you can make on the WR. I also run my bike on super fuel and beleive it runs better with my jetting that way compared to unleaded.
  9. My Australian WR400 with stock gearing which is 15 - 50 over hear has been up to 180kmph on the stock speedo (about 110MPH). I dont know how accurate the speedo is but I will try run it against a car and find out. This was on a slight downhill road. I have had it up to 175kmph on a flat dirt road. Even if the speedo is 10% out it would be close to 100 mph so the guys doing 80 mph must have lower gearing or a fear of hitting something. 2000 WR, YZ TIMING, STAINTUNE EXHAUST,168 MAIN, 42 PILOT, DRQ NEEDLE 3RD CLIP, PILOT SCREW 1 3/4
  10. James with the 45 pilot it ran to rich (blubbered non responsive) down low up to the lower midrange. Turning the pilot screw in to about 3/4 turn fixed this at idle and just above, but it was still rich in the lower midrange. The 42 pilot fixed this because it has a bigger efect a bit further into rev range than the screw. Now my bike runs well at between 1 1/4 and 2 turns depending on conditions and altitude. Remember that I am using a Australian made Staintune Exhaust with a baffle. Without the baffle it needs a 45 pilot. The baffle is not very restrictive. It just brings the outlet down to about 1 1/4 inches instead of 2 inches without the baffle. It cuts noise by a huge amount and actually performs better than no baffle in the upper midrange and top end. It does loose a slight amount of response down low but is still gives great response. They also use stainless steel wire packing which needs no maintaince and they have a 5 year warranty. This is my 3rd Staintune on different bikes and I would not change to any other brand because of the build quality and features.
  11. I have never fouled a plug in Australia even when my bike was running very rich and blubbering and running like a dog. (Brand new with over oiled air filter at 1300 metres(4000 feet). Maybe your fuel in the US is the culprit. 2000 WR, YZ timing, 42 pilot, 168 main, Staintune Exhaust with Baffle. DRQ needle 3rd clip, pilot srew 1 3/4 turns. I have been as rich as 45 pilot, 172 main, DRQ 4th clip, pilot screw 2 1/2 turns at 1000 feet and had no fouling. The DRQ is our standard needle and is richer than yours.
  12. MKB

    Is This A Good Deal??? Please Help Me

    I bought my 2000 WR 400 in September in Australia for $8550. Seems that our dollar is worth about 50cents U.S. that makes it about $4275 in U.S. Dollars. Considering that our WR's are street legal (blinkers, handgaurds and brakelights) maybe Australia is the lucky country.
  13. MKB

    Is This A Good Deal??? Please Help Me

    I bought my 2000 WR400 for $8550 in September in Australia. Seems as our dollar is nearing 50 cents US that makes it worth $4275 US. Considering that they are street legal in Australia (blinkers, horn, handguards and brake lights) maybe Australia is the lucky country. Farmers can even claim back a further $855 in GST.