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  1. It is probably overheating. You should not let them idle for very long.
  2. He had his glamis helmet on. The ball cap.
  3. I took the bike(07 525exc) in and it was the shifter bearing. The warranty covered it.
  4. Thanks for the info Dave.
  5. It was not normal fragments. It was actually pieces of a disintegrated bearing. The bearings were very small. I am taking to the dealer for warranty work.
  6. I was doing an oil change on my 07 525 and when i pulled the oil plug their were peices of bearing all over the magnet. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. I bought a Gpr stabilizer they come with the big knob.
  8. Remove the canister completely. Then plug the hose that goes directly into the head of the motor.
  9. #1 sons rule. We wont talk about what new bike i have.
  10. I was just out there last weekend and had a great time. The ruts were 3ft deep. With the rain they they should be even better.