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  1. albequick

    high altitude jetting o5 450x

    I dont really I had it set up so it ran decent for southern cal, areas like texas caynon, and the piutes, like 2500 to 6000 feet, but after i put the cam in i never got the jetting right, it harder to start but had super strong buttom but did not pull cleanly through the power range(i put the crower cam in) up here at 8500 feet it will start with alot of effort, and run but thats about it
  2. I just moved to east vail colo, 8500 ft, i have 450 x with open air box, and crower cam, stock pipe, jd jet kit, how do i make it run right up here, albert
  3. albequick

    Bullet Proof

    ive got the unibikers, and tested them extensivly, bike upside down backwards down a cliff a good 15ft, several times, get the heavy duty clutch cover rekluse makes a oversize one, also get the sfb ignition cover protector, although this unit doesnt come up as high as where my shift lever went through my ignition cover its the only thing out there i am going to lower my shifter lever as much as possable and try to snake it so it will have limeted upward movement, this bike has my full trust the stock bar and levers are pretty stout, if you like the egros you dont need to change much, just some barkbusters. it reminds me of the xr 500 i had when i was 14, as far as relibility, but light years ahead in rideability, wish it had a six speed though. also weight is not an issue, it just makes the bike hook up better
  4. albequick

    I need jetting info for so cal

    yep that was probably me, and I will probably be there again this sunday, now that i got my jetting right 172 main stock needle 4th clip fuel screw 1 1/8 out,bike now shreds, wish I could rotate fronts to rear couse front is never on the ground, and rear is always litup!!!!! texas caynon is my pproving ground that place is close to home and offers every level of terrain if you know how to find it. it must suck to live in ohio... peace albe quick from the land of the lotus eaters
  5. albequick

    crf 450x cooling fan

    ya i was thinking there must be some kind of foreign, app. in my opinion you cant have to much cooling, i like to bust trails, and weeel. somtimes not very often though, like 3 or 4 times per ride i might find myself in a place that I really shouldnt be thats when the fun starts, but its scary hairy and hard on the equpment, hey that honda generator thing sounds good, does it come in 50kw? any way I just wanna build it to beat it, not polish it and" bling it" and stare at it sitting in my garage thinking how fast it would go if only I knew how to ride. peace to all you shredders out there you know who you are, and thanks for the info keep it coming.
  6. albequick

    I need jetting info for so cal

    dobent if I wanted info on the jd kit i would have asked for it, you really didnt help, but thanks anyway, oh wise great talking head.
  7. will a jet kit from an 04 450r work on an 05 450x?
  8. albequick

    I need jetting info for so cal

    what are people using, for jetting excluding j.d.,i ride texas canyon, jawbone, gorman, etc. whatsthe setup boys.thanks
  9. albequick

    crf 450x cooling fan

    mucho dinero, por el pinche service honda, cbr 250 set up is more my speed, couse i am pwt.
  10. albequick

    crf 450x cooling fan

    soft ground, thick brush, and steep hills,all at once will boil ice, i need a fan.
  11. albequick

    crf 450x cooling fan

    my 450 x has 3 brakets on the right side radator these must be for some sort of fan, I checked the quads, and the 250s, no fan on 250, totaly differnt fan on quad, these rads must be used on another honda application, that has a fan, does anybody know what, or have a way to cross reference part nos. for the rads with other hondas? i know that cooling will be an issue with this bike where I ride especially this summer, thanks.