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  1. Got them from a guy that did not use them on his factory edition bike.
  2. Time Left: 11 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Ride Engineering triple clamps with a 21mm offset. Only rode with them one time. They are essentially new with one short ride on them. Will fit 09-12 CRF450 and 10-13 CRF250. Will also fit 13-18 CRF450 and 14-18 CRF250 with just a lower bearing change. Will also fit the 02-07 CR125/250 with a lower bearing change if you are running the newer 48 or 49mm CRF forks. Does NOT come with pinch bolts. Your stock ones will fit these clamps.


  3. Time Left: 11 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Complete Honda OEM seat that will fit 02-07 CR125 and CR250. Will also fit 02-04 CRF450. In great shape with Throttle Jockey seat cover with ripples in the middle. The seat cover with the ripples alone sells for over $90. No rips or tears at all. Very low use on it.


  4. Those bars are Renthal's KTM low. I like a low, straight style bar. It's the same height as the KTM stock bar, just with less sweep to it.
  5. Dubya wheels are sold. Still have everything else on the list.
  6. Plastics and triple clamps came in! Bought them from a guy on Vital Mx. Never been used 17.5 Factory edition plastics and clamps! Will put the rest on tomorrow most likely. Working nights tonight.
  7. New parts going on and seat cover!
  8. It is quite a bit louder then stock. But then again, I'm coming off a modded 125 that screamed so it doesn't bother me at all. The only thing I don't care for that much with the shorty is it seems like it took away a tad bit from over rev. But it makes up for it with the added snap it gives the bike. I love it.
  9. Love the way the shorty stays hidden and tucks in nice!
  10. First issue to tackle while everything is stock is the jetting. I put in the recommended jets per KTM manual and it was pretty spot on. It said to run needle in 3rd clip, 32.5 pilot, 470 main, and 2 turns out on the air screw. This ran great except I am running VP T2 fuel which is oxygenated. I've heard in the past to jet a little richer if you are running oxygenated fuel. I went up 1 main to a 480 and dialed the air screw back 1/4 turn. This seemed to let the bike pull a little further than the 470 main. I bought a JD jetting kit thinking I would end up using it because they have worked wonders in my CR's. Not the case with this bike! I put it all in to their reccomended settings and the bike ran like crap. Sputtered, backfired, you name it, it was terrible. It revved excellent on the stand though. Not sure what was going on. Pulled back in and put my stock KTM jets and needle back in and was back in buissness, ran great. Next I wanted to try my FMF shorty I bought. Made the bike rev out quick and added quite a bit of snap and excitement to it. Made it feel like my 125 again, which I loved. Eventually I'm going to get a FMF factory fatty to match up to it.
  11. Figured I'd start a build thread on here since I do not see many 150SXs on thumpertalk. I've did a few CR build's in the past but both have been complete tear downs. Starting with a brand new bike this time. Don't plan on doing anything to crazy to it as of right now. Just exhaust, clamps, bars, grips, graphics, the normal stuff. Eventually I'd like to get some aftermarket wheels and maybe some porting done. Here she is all stock.
  12. Getting out of CR's so I have plenty parts for sale Dubya wheels only around 10hrs on them $700 Ride Engineering 20mm triple clamps with a few rides $320 CRF Stuff titanium pegs $125 Ride Engineering 21mm triple clamps (for 09-18 CRF450 forks) one ride $350 5.0 Racetech blue Showa shock spring used a few rides $65 KYB 4.9kg titanium shock spring for KYB CR125 shock $75 02-07 CR125 Pro Circuit Ti-2 silencer with 1 ride on it $230 Ride Engineering 1-1/8 bar mounts $50 All prices do not include shipping
  13. Anyone tried one of the new FMF 2.1 silencers on a 16-18 KTM 150SX? I bought the normal shorty for mine and it let the bike rev out pretty quick and gave it a lot more snap compared to stock. I like the power it made with the shorty, just wish it would carry through out the entire powerband and not let it fall on its face when revved out. Just seeing how it compared to the new 2.1 silencer If anyone has tried one.
  14. I am running the VP T2 fuel. I recently heard you should run 1 larger size main because of the oxygenation of the gas. That would make sense about mine falling flat on top over rev because I have the stock 470 in there. Going to try out the 480 main hopefully Thursday.