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  1. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    I've heard the same thing from another source about the FMF shorty vs fmf 2.1. I mainly got the 2.1 because it was a great deal and the "bling" factor. going to try them both out at the track.
  2. macz400

    17 150SX Suspension Swap

    16-18 125/150SX 15.5-18 250/450SXF 17-18 250SX 16-18 350SXF
  3. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Finally got a chance to go ride today. Started to load everything up and then came the pouring rain. FML. Hopefully Saturday I'll get to go. Instead I installed my Ride Eng link and Hinson cover. Have not rode with the 2.1. Just started it up in the driveway. Haven't rode with the new 2.1 silencer, or the new Vforce4.
  4. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Going with a black sprocket. Had a Renthal orange off eBay but the color did not match the SMPro hubs shade or darker orange. Going with titanium sprocket bolts that I already had new from a CR build that didn't get used. FYI, sprocket bolts are interchangeable between the KTMs and Honda CRFs/CR
  5. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Now running the TLD kit! I've had it sitting on my shelf for a while but haven't put it on. Selling my 17.5 Red Bull factory edition plastics and seat cover for $400 if anyone is interested. Snagged this link off eBay new for $120 the other day. I have yet to put it on. Haven't been able to ride on almost 3 months due to weather and my new baby boy. Hoping to try all these new goodies out in a week or so!
  6. macz400

    2018 125sx vs 2017 150sx

    My 18 150SX is by far the fun I've had on a bike. And I've had a big mix of 125-450s. Getting the jetting dialed on that thing and your good!
  7. Time Left: 3 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    These are the KTM 17.5 Factory Edition plastics. They are not re-prints or knock offs. They have about 6hrs on them and are in excellent shape. I bought them brand new off a fellow vital member and ran em on my 18 150SX. Comes with all the plastic pieces you see here and the seat cover. Cannot ship the seat as a whole because my 18 OEM seat cover is under neath it. Will remove the cover once I have the kit sold. It also has about 6hrs. You can pull off my number back grounds and still have the OEM backgrounds imbedded in the plastic. Please do not try to low ball. If you have priced this stuff before you know how expensive and hard to get it is. If I can't get what I want from it I will just hold on to it. Price is firm at $450 plus shipping for it all through PayPal friends and family or buyer pays fees. robinmac82@yahoo.com


  8. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Look under the master cylinder by the frame guard plastic. It's the Fasst return setup. Orange washer and a spring attach to the master cylinder. No need for a traditional return spring after that.
  9. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Just got these babies in too. Ran SMPro wheels before and really are a great value. You get a quality wheel made in the U.K., that is fairly light, and use Bulldog spokes. Got these new for $720 shipped to my door. Going to throw on the new Dunlop MX33s, or possibly the newest version of the Michelin starcross 5.
  10. macz400

    The KTM 200 Club

    Give him a shout
  11. macz400

    The KTM 200 Club

    Hey all you 200 fans, my buddy has a ton off 200 partsfrom his project bike he was building before he bought his KTM 150SX. He's selling it all. He does not have an account on here so I told him I'd copy and paste his link from vitalmx. He's got some pretty cool stuff https://www.vitalmx.com/forums/For-Sale-Bazaar,26/Ultimate-200sx-project-for-sale,1345039
  12. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Got her mounted ready to go. Hopefully will get to ride a little on Thursday.
  13. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Also got the all orange radiator louvers and quite a few more titanium bolts. The goal is to pretty much get all the 8 and 10mm bolts titanium when all said and done, then work on specialty bolts.
  14. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Been slacking for quite a while on this thread. Added a few things but haven't posted in a while. Got a Vforce4 Reed cage in now. My stock Reed gals were not as bad as most I've seen pictures of, but not sealed up well like the vforce unit. Have not ride the bike since installing. Added titanium pro pegs and a FMF Ti 2.1 silencer. Really wanted this silencer for a while but was not going to pay $350 for it. Found a guy selling a bunch of new ktm parts and got it for $220 shipped new. Hope to go riding soon!
  15. Might be picking up a 14 RMZ450 with 26.6hrs. I've always been a Honda guy, and recently got a KTM 150SX. Looking to get another 450 and don't have to have the latest and greatest so I saw a good deal on a 14 RMZ, talked to the guy a bit and got him down to $2850. Bike is all stock with a Yosh slip on. Will have to buy tires too. Got a few questions for you Suzuki guys... 1. Is reliability a problem with the Suzuki 4 strokes? I've heard both yes and know. 2. Is the SFF spring setup decent? I plan on buying softer springs for 180lb weight. 3. Is the front brake strong enough on these things? Heard the front rotor is only 240mm