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  1. Time Left: 14 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Showa SFF TAC forks removed off a new 2016 KX450. Will fit 08-18 KX450 and 14-18 KX250F. Comes with air pump. $700 plus shipping. Won't find a better deal on these forks anywhere. Robinmac82@yahoo.com


  2. Might be picking up a 14 RMZ450 with 26.6hrs. I've always been a Honda guy, and recently got a KTM 150SX. Looking to get another 450 and don't have to have the latest and greatest so I saw a good deal on a 14 RMZ, talked to the guy a bit and got him down to $2850. Bike is all stock with a Yosh slip on. Will have to buy tires too. Got a few questions for you Suzuki guys... 1. Is reliability a problem with the Suzuki 4 strokes? I've heard both yes and know. 2. Is the SFF spring setup decent? I plan on buying softer springs for 180lb weight. 3. Is the front brake strong enough on these things? Heard the front rotor is only 240mm
  3. Time Left: 2 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Forks and shock off a 2016 KX450. Brand new never seen dirt. $800 for forks and comes with the digital air pump. Will fit right into the older KXF clamps that have the KYB PSF1s and will also fit in the 09-18 CRF450 clamps with the CRF axle, wheel. Just got to run the appropriate brake hanger. $300 for the shock. Or $1000 for both. Plus shipping. Robinmac82@yahoo.com


  4. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Where are you at in Texas? I ride 3 palms, Rio bravo, and Ultimate MX
  5. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    So your JD blue needle is different then the blue JD needle he sells online for his Keihin carb?
  6. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Would have to get $450. Comes with plastics, and seat cover. Extremely hard to buy these. They are the legit Red Bull KTM FE ones. Not a Chinese re print knock off.
  7. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Anyone interested in my Red Bull plastic kit with seat cover? Only got a few hours on it. Won't be cheap though lol
  8. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

  9. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    At the track now with my first ride on the Keihin. Holy shit what a difference! I was very skeptical at first considering I've never had trouble with my Mikuni on my CRs or this bike for that matter until it started to get crazy humid down here in Texas. This carb really woke up the bottom to mid and really made the bike crisp and responsive. Mid-top and over rev still feel the same as with the Mikuni but the Keihin made the bike run much cleaner throughout the powerband and with the added bottom-mid, it actually made the bike easier to ride. Mine has the JD kit in it with his needle. blue needle 3rd clip 190 main 45 pilot 1-1/2 air screw
  10. macz400

    Can’t figure out jetting for 2018 KTM 150 XC-W

    Buy a new Keihin for $300 Sell the Mikuni for about $200 on eBay
  11. macz400

    2018 to 2016 throttle grip question

    If you swapped to the Keihin, you should have grinded down the nub on the top of the cap of the Keihin and your 18 throttle tube and cable are fine. If not, the cable will not be long enough no matter how much you adjust it. I just went through the same thing. Mog on here is a great help for the 125/150 guys.
  12. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    I eventually will!
  13. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Grounded the top of the carb cap down flat and was barely able to get the cable adjusted properly even with the bar adjustment all the way in. Probably 1-2mm of free play. But it works. Just started it up and ran it down the street a few times. Set it up with JDs reccomedation fir my sea level and temp. Initial thought is way cleaner from bottom to mid. Top feels around the same but over the whole powerband was more crisp and cleaner. Won't be able to get it to a track till next week though. So far very happy with the switch. About to put my Mikuni for sale on eBay!
  14. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    I can't align mine in the same spot with the nub on the carb because the bottom side of the carb is hitting my hydraulic line. I guess it's ok to run it slightly tilted?
  15. macz400

    My 2018 KTM 150SX build

    Oh ok so file the actual top of the Keihin cap of the carb, not the little nub I had pictured right? That's where I was getting confused lol. Thanks!