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  1. macz400

    2008 CRF450R Octane Rating!

    That's exactly what I do in the kids bikes. In the big bikes the ethanol dirt hurt it so much but on the kids bikes the jets are so tiny, they clog up easily when the ethanol sits in there and starts to gel up. Run pump 93.
  2. macz400

    05-08 Restyle kit...wow!!

    I was thinking the same thing lol!
  3. Time Left: 27 days and 8 hours

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    Upper tubes off a 2012 CRF450 anodized a silver color. Looks like the same color as the Showa stock 15-18 KX forks or the stock KTM upper tube color. In great shape with very light wear and tear. These will fit 09-12 CRF450 and possibly 13-16 CRF450 and the KYB 48mm forks that came on the KXFs, RMZs, and YZs. Can take measurements if you need them. $175 robinmac82@yahoo.com


  4. Time Left: 27 days and 8 hours

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    KYB fork lugs off the 09-12 CRF450 with 48mm KYB spring forks. May fit the 13-16 CRF450 forks too and the YZ, KX but not 100 percent positive. Anodized a darker grey color than stock. There is a pic next to my stock 12 CRF450 lug for reference for color. $175 robinmac82@yahoo.com


  5. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Comb through Craigslist and facebook marketplace. Plenty of 09-12 CRF450's out there for around 3k.
  6. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Where what?
  7. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    I had an 09 also. Great bike. Especially liked it for the super compact muffler design. I agree with you in saying the media slammed the 09-12 bikes. I rode a buddies 17 CRF450 and 17 KTM450SXF and I would still take my 12 CRF450 over them as far as being more comfortable. Plus you can find one of these in great shape for around $3000 vs buying a new 450 for around $10000!
  8. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    I bought the black plastic pieces that come on the 15 and up 450's that hold the rear brake line to the swingarm. Just eyeballing it, they looked to be the same so I ordered them. The brake caliper and rotor guard both fit but the only line clamp that is interchangeable is the one closest to the master cylinder. I was looking at trying out the "Rit" dye kit and trying to dye them black. Seen a bunch of youtube videos on the stuff where people were dying RC plastics. Going to try it out on the 2 rear brake line holder pieces. I realy want black radiator guard fins but no one makes any, only white or red. If the dyed black pieces turn out good, I'm going to try and dye the radiator guard fins.
  9. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Lol na I don't think so. Also going to run a set of OEM clamps off an 18 450 since they are 22mm. Going to have them cerakoted black and have to switch out the lower bearing to run them on the 09-12 bikes
  10. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Nope it was in the Woodlands. The previous owner had the suspension setup by Gravitt. Robert Dupree was the guys name.
  11. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Here is my 2011 back when I bought it new. Getting the same graphics and seat cover, except I will be running a red rear fender so I'll have it matched to that, also going to run black fork guards.
  12. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Between the crappy weather, my busy work schedule, and the kids with all their sports. This will probably be a slow build . The forks are the PSF1 air forks. These forks were a spare pair of Josh Hansen's SX forks from a few years back when he rode Kawis. Plan on sending them to Enzo to get setup for MX and swap out the top green fork cap to a red or gold one. They are immaculate though.
  13. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Oh cool! How you liking the A kit? I got a set of these bad boys going to go on it eventually. KYB A kit. Also got a 18 CRF450 OEM rear rotor, Motostuff 270 front rotor kit. More to come. Want to ride it stock a few times first. Then going to strip everything down and get all the bearings greased before I start tricking it out.
  14. macz400

    CRF 2010 to 2019 conversion

    IMO the 09-12 450 and 10-13 have the best looking plastic on any Honda hands down. I'm not a big fan of the TX kit and any of the restyle kits really. They don't look good close up.
  15. macz400

    2012 CRF450 build

    Just picked a very low hour 12 CRF450 for $2900. Still has the stock tires and grips on it! Has ugly eBay Geico graphics which I have already taken off after the pics. Best part is, it's got a like new full Ti and carbon fiber yosh exhaust. Not one single ding in the header! Awesome shape. I've had tons of Hondas and actually 2 different 12 CRF450s. I've ridden a lot of different 4 strokes and even the newer 17 CRF450 and 17 KtM 450 and still my favorite 450 of all time, is the 12 CRF450. It's light, no E start problems, great forks, best looking body work out of all the modern 450s, reliable, and doesn't have the rip your arms off power like other 450s. It's perfect for me. Been collecting parts here and there and got done tricks up my sleeve for it. Stay tuned!