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  1. Birdy426

    Bottom End Swap yz 400 to yz 426

    The small end rod bearing on a 400 crank is smaller than the bearing on a 426, so you would have to use a 426 piston and cylinder, or have your 400 cylinder bored and replated. You could even go as large as a 444 (97mm piston) with a big bore kit from Eric Gorr or Luke's Racing. Primary drive hear is also splined on a 426 and, if I remember right, was keyed on the 400, so you would need a new primary drive gear as well.
  2. Birdy426

    hot rods breaking

    Not on a 250 pinger, b ut had a similar experience with a Hot Rods Connecting rod on my 426...failed after 5 hours, completely wasted the motor.
  3. Birdy426

    YZ426 - Help needed with removal

    Learn from my mistakes...any time you replace the head gasket on one of the 5 valve motors, have the head surfaced. If you don't, you'll be chasing blown head gaskets until you do...
  4. Birdy426

    YZ426 - Help needed with removal

    How are you going to torque that when it's time? Motion Pro makes a dog-bone wrench...12mm on 1 end, 13 mm on the other, 3/8 square drive hole (for a torque wrench) in the middle. My guess is the one head bolt threads are grabbing the edge of the hole in the head gasket...should be noting else holding that bolt in as long as the threads are fully dis-engaged.
  5. Birdy426

    Front Brake Light Switch on TTR125LE

    Thanks! That's different from what she brought home from the DMV...We'll try with just the rear brake actuating the light and see what happens...I'm collecting all the parts, but won't be heading back to Vegas until mid-July. I'll put it all together then and see what happens. I'll post up pics and results when it's done.
  6. Birdy426

    Front Brake Light Switch on TTR125LE

    My daughter just moved to Vegas, where we can still plate a dirt bike (unlike the People's Republic of Kalifornistan). One of the requirements in NV is a brake light switch on the front brake. Anyone add one? What did you use? As there's no banjo bolt, no way to add a hydraulic switch at the lever. What about at the caliper? Anyone tried that? Mechanical switch? Any help would be appreciated...
  7. Birdy426

    Let's see the 2-stroke WR's!!

    My California plated '97 Bought as a "temporary" replacement when my WR444 broke the connecting rod...now I'll never go back to thumpers.
  8. Birdy426

    Can I use 1997 yz250 plastics on a 1997 wr250z?

    I'm just starting a swap on my 97 WR250z...I picked up a 99 subframe and airbox on flea bay for $50, and a seat for 20. Just ordered an '03 tank and shrouds, and 99 side panels and fenders from Rocky Mountain. ll post up pics as I go...
  9. Birdy426

    Yz250 build

    PB Blaster works great for the penetrating oil. Looks like you're going to need a LOT of parts...remember, e-bay is your friend!
  10. Birdy426

    Need Help with new exhaust on WR 400

    Nope. Head pipes are different diameter...
  11. Birdy426

    HELP: LED flasher relay

    turn signal flasher should go between +12v (either directly off the battery or stator output) and the switch turn signal 12 v input.
  12. Birdy426

    2000 WR400 Fuel Tank: Were there 2 versions?

    If you can afford it, keep the tank and buy a used YZ seat. The ergonomics of the aftermarket YZ tank are MUCH better than the stock WR tank. Lots thinner in the knee grip area and you can slide WAY forther forward to help weight the front end when cornering. Second best mod I made to my WR...right after the hot cams outo-decompression cam.
  13. Birdy426

    Need Help Getting a WR400 Running Again

    yes, if the cut end was contacting ground you wouldn't be getting spark (assuming it's the leg between the switch and the CDI not the leg between the switch and ground). If the throttle cables are disconnected, you aren't following the Dubacj Method (the drill), which calls for a couple of twists of the throttle before you kick to squirt a bit of gas into the ports...
  14. Birdy426

    Head soft spot?

    I would try a real machine shop or engine builder...