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  1. j2man

    Purchase Opinion.....

    Yeah I did it when I replaced the tank. I ran the hoses in a loop and left the can on so, if need be, I would be able to scavenge all that perfectly good fuel line when I was on the trail. Plugged up the carb and never looked back. BTW - 2800 is a good price for a stock used bike w/10000 miles. Not 4k.
  2. j2man

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    YOU GOT IT!!! Suzi-USA SUCKS... ok, ok, ok I wont beat a dead horse. UPDATE: 2005 DR650SE Base gasket repaired IMS tank, Pingle Valve, K&N Filter, Dynojet (155 Main), Darkstar Skid, FMF, Acerbis Guards... SOLD - $3400 Good riddens Suzuki and never again Here I come Honda.
  3. j2man


    I posted this some time ago about this guy. ________________ I just talked to Jesse for the first time. No words can really describe... people like Jesse are far too few and far between. It is quite possible there is nobody in the entire LA basin like him. I cannot remember talking to anyone so helpful. Man what a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share. He totally talked my ear off until I knew way more than I ever asked for. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse __________________
  4. j2man

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    WOW Happened at 10k same as mine...hmmm must be a defect. Yes Suzuki-USA tech-service says it's a 5hr job and out here the rates are $95/hr + Parts = $500 bones SUZUKI-USA SUCKS!!!! But the DR is a great bike.
  5. j2man

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    Let me settle this. Base gasket leak not covered under warranty because I was not the original owner. Milli-mouthing Suzuki BULLSHIT I say. I bought the bike from a friend that really wanted a KTM not a DR but didn't know this till after he bought one. Bike was brand freaking new 300+ miles. The first thing I did when I noticed the leak was the cam tensioner gasket myself. No brainer. Easy fix. NOT!!! Leak did not stop... so I scoured the Internet this site included and came up with the RTV fix. Whoever had this work must have had a micro-leak or the Laws of Physics/Hydraulics just don't work for them as they do for me. So eeeeeeehhh.....!!! Still had a leak. A bad leak. SIDE NOTE: A good way to detect leaks that happen under load without killing yourself by trying to exam while driving is to by some really cheap spray-on deodorant and spray/coat the mating surfaces in question. The white deodorant goes dark when contacted by the hot oil. Now by "bad leak" I mean pooling oil on the case ~10mls worth every ride on both sides. This would not strand you in any situation but drives me crazy and makes a HUGE mess. So like I said its not really the leak, that can be fixed. The problem here is Suzuki's response to a manufacturing defect and not wanting to own up to the repair. Couching it in legal ease just pisses me off. Every other manufacturer has a transferable warranty. SCREW SUZUKI. I shouldn't have to pay for their defect. If they had backed their product I would not sell the bike. I would instead ride around knowing in the back of my mind that perhaps this could happen again but Suzuki has my back. At least for a couple of years. Then I would buy a new DR and write this one off as an anomaly. BUT NO!!!! I WILL NEVER BUY SUZUKI AGAIN. SUZUKI SUCKS! Damn and I really wanted a WRX... Oh wait thats Subaru.
  6. j2man

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    Yeah I checked for the metal tabs before I bought the bike... That was a must... I know this totally sucks. Brand new with the metal base gasket. Its not so much the leak its Suzukis' response to the leak that ticks me off. Screw Suzuki!!!! I am going to have it repaired and then it has to go. Already have quotes 400~500$$ and at least two Weeks for parts. All the gaskets have to be done, head, cam, cam adj, base. I have read about the repair and there are a few pitfalls like the cam chain dropping back into the case after the new base gasket is installed. That would SUCK so I really don't want to dick around with it. I am going to suck it up to the tune of $$500
  7. j2man

    2005 Base Gasket Leak

    Well... metal gasket and all I have the dreaded "BASE GASKET LEAK"!!! This is a 500.00 $$ 5hr repair that may happen again. Bike has ~11000 easy miles and should not have this problem. Mother Suzuki should be fixing these freaking lemons. I know these leaks are few and far between but beware the potential is there. I cannot trust the DR anymore and it must go. I have owned many bikes and never had this kind of problem on such a new bike. I wish I could trust the bike but I cannot chance it... the bike has to be reliable for me I cannot be down for repairs whether I do them or I pay to have them done. DAMN I loved this bike... this is the only Suzuki I have ever owned... Given the Suzuki factory response I will never buy Suzuki again. Period!
  8. j2man

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    You have got to be kidding... Don’t take this head in the sand I didn’t do anything wrong attitude. Polite is not calling people lazy, disinterested, threatened, deficient, indignant, self righteous, etc, etc Moreover more than one person has been put off by YOU and YOUR comments. Get a clue amigo and cool your jets... Seems I may have finally hit a nerve with you. Good! That said I will stop this useless banter. Hell it wasn’t even my argument I just personally didn’t like your deficient communication skills. Mr. Kettle
  9. j2man

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    Oh man, "deficiencies" the irony of your rhetoric is just killing me. The ones who are most often insulted by the trivial mistakes of their peers usually have emotional problems that tend to make them socially awkward megalomaniacs. Or they have a deep rooted inferiority complex that only allows them to feel good about themselves by putting others down. Which one applies to you, Fatty?
  10. j2man

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    GUILTY!!!! I am! Although, I did fix it. I often mis-spell words in my hasty replies. Under 12 ----> thats low do you use a rim-lock?
  11. j2man

    06 DR650 handlng ??

    Nice! Anyone use a rim-lock on the front tire? "Fatty" need not reply.
  12. j2man

    650 vs 450

    Yep... I just dropped the motard version of the 400. We were both going ~70mph in traffic and he looked like he was struggling to keep up. Good luck!
  13. j2man

    2007 DR650 will come in BLACK!!!

    I am still laughing. Thanks!
  14. j2man

    Speedometer light bulb '05 650

    I stuffed like three blue LEDs' into the hole and sealed it up with RTV. Looks kind of like the VW Jetta lighting night. Bought the LED's for like 5 bucks at an auto parts store. But I know what you mean that bulb is a super-weird small oddball part. I could not find one at the local auto parts store. Although I didn't really try very hard. Hmmm... I also think the local shop was out of them if I recall. Good luck.
  15. j2man

    fuel mileage on a dr650?

    Thats INSANE!!! I have never heard of mileage that high on even a stock DR. Crap I gotta do what you did... I am bone stock and I get 58mpg. I have got to install that gas saving 170 main, airbox, K&N, FMF Q2... damn I am just wasting gas keeping it stock what am I thinking!! BTW - Nice ride DBL-D I especially like the fender elim.