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  1. husky666

    Dynojet questions

    How does the kit vary from S to SM? Im running 160 main and 25 pilot with MRD exhaust and 3x3 mod and it runs very well even with the stock needle.
  2. husky666

    jetting questions? need help

    I wasn't sure if I was going to do the pumper carb so I wanted to jet the stock one to see if it would be good enough.Before I bought a jet kit I did the 3x3 mod,160 main,25 pilot,stock needle,adjustable fuel screw from TT (2 turns) and it runs perfect! I will not change a thing or spend the $ on a kit or pumper carb. Oh, and the MRD exhaust makes it all come together, 50 miles/gal on a dual sport ride from 1000-5000ft
  3. husky666

    Introducing myself, and some jetting questions

    Can you run the keihin carb with an IMS or Clarke tank without any interference? I am thinking about getting one for the extra range.
  4. I went riding with a friend that just bought a barely used KLX 450.It has the typical mods,pipe,jetting,smog removal....and here's the problem.It has a strange surging at mid throttle while cruising but if you whack the throttle open it revs clear out with no problem.It starts fine and has a real strong bottom end but once you get to mid throttle and cruise along it starts to surge again like it's lean in the middle maybe?We took the carb apart and here's what we found. stock needle 4th position 45 pilot 175 main 50 leak boysen pump cover air mixture screw 1 3/4 Any Ideas? Thanks in advance
  5. husky666

    Living with a 2010 Husky TE510!

    Yup....that tank ruins the motorcycle! W T F is IMS thinking?
  6. husky666

    610 Kickstand fix

    Here is what you need to do.Cut the head off the bolt and weld a spacer in the stand so your bike doesn't look like it's going to fall over.
  7. Could someone post the location in Lucerne Valley where this is taking place? Thanks
  8. husky666

    I like being different but...

    Lack of after market parts is ridiculous with Husky.I have been hanging in there year after year and I'm getting tired.The main thing for me now is a gas tank for a new te510,the IMS is a joke why couldn't they have incorporated the factory tank shrouds like on my 05?The tank looks stupid and if that's the only option this year I am buying a KTM.They have the best line of after market parts than anyone out there!I am still waiting to walk into a dealer and find a damn Husky t-shirt (and not pay 39.99 for it)!
  9. husky666

    '08 530exc convert to SM wheels

    Go to supermotojunkie.com and you will find everything you need.Also look in their classifieds,there are wheel sets posted every day.
  10. husky666

    Ktm - Husky?

    O.k. I have a TE 450 set up for desert and I can out perform my buddies 525 exc up to 70 mph and then his wide gears catch up to me.As far as maintenance I haven't done anything major to my bike in 4 yrs.Now my ktm 525 smr is getting new crank bearings as we speak and it only has 14hrs on it.My FI 610 hasn't had one issue either,I carve the canyons with a couple of 625 ktm's and they have a hard time hanging with me.I love em both and own em both and as far as engineering goes these bikes are the best!After all,the japs struggled in the 70's and they took notes and copied everything Husqvarna did to get to where they are now. Stick with what you know,It sounds like that would be chinese...I'm sticking with the Europeans!
  11. husky666

    FINALLY found a stand for 2007 TE250

    What's wrong with the factory stand? You can get them anywhere,I just bought one for my friends 05 TC 450 because I got tired of watching him look for a place to lean his bike.
  12. husky666

    Distanzia tire help for my 610

    They do make SM tires just google it and you'll find plenty.I'm running 120/70-17 front and 160/60-17 rear and they are awesome tires!
  13. husky666

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    My first husky is a 05 TE 450.I also have a 08 TE 610 with an SM set up on it,what a blast! 42yrs.
  14. husky666

    new to Husky's need a kick stand 06 te450

    No it doesn't fit,order a stock one.I just got one from GP motorcycles in San Diego for a 05 TC 450 with the hardware it will run you about $100.There is a bracket,2 springs,and a couple of bolts.
  15. husky666

    TE 250 exhaust FMF or Leo Vince

    I have a full Leo on my te 450 and it made a huge difference over stock.It's a stainless header with ty can and the only part I don't like is the screw on end cap because of the gasket but it's fine since I made my own.I do have a full ty system on my 610 and the end cap is non removable carbon fiber with an optional screen insert,it's much better.Either way you can't beat the Leo Vince.