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  1. Gumanator125L

    mx teams??

    Hey hey hey!!!!! Found were I rote my old Password!!! *gasp* Camp!!!!! 5 days!!! For Free!!!!!! (no cost)
  2. Gumanator125L

    What will TP do next year?

    the no handed heelclicker, 360 barrel roll!!
  3. Gumanator125L

    Your favorite FMX trick

    has anyone doen a nothing flip, or a rock solid flip??? Barrel roll, dies anyone have any pictures? barrel roll Flip!!!
  4. Gumanator125L

    mx teams??

    North island B.o.P Whakatane, Trident high school
  5. Gumanator125L

    mx teams??

    one of the teaches raced mx, a couple of years ago, he saw fellow students at the track, he appealed to the princple and voila!! The Trident high school Motocross team was formed......
  6. Gumanator125L

    mx teams??

    It's pretty organzied, been going since 3rd week of 1st term...
  7. Gumanator125L

    Your favorite FMX trick

    360 flip no footer super nac flatliner nothing backflip (????) whats a superflip????
  8. Gumanator125L

    Exhaust backpressure; do we need it?

    tell your freind what he thinks a exhaust is for????????
  9. Gumanator125L

    mx teams??

    IS any one here on a mx team???? My school, (Trident high school) has A MX elective, )like a private subject, optional) every thursday, after 4th period, 50 people in the MX team, walk out to the front of the school, and wait for a ride(if you own a car you can take yourself out there) we ride for 2-3 hours at the local MX track, or one of the studants tracks, (6 of us have tracks) instead of lunch and 5th period, preety neat ay...... Once a month at the local races, we pitch our bikes under our two trident tents cool ay?? we currently have 5 sponsers:: Whakatane Motorcycles(gasgas husky etc) Tony Rees motorcycles (nanahas) underwood and wilkins motorcycles (suzukis and kawasakis) Bay Honda ( 1 guess waht brnd) Grahams HiFi (stereos ?????) Kool ay??
  10. Gumanator125L

    CR 85 replaces Crutty old DRZ125L

    let me explain....... in nz the average new price 07 of a crf 250r is11,500......... so my DRZ was worth 2800 hen i sold it. new it cost 4600$$$$$
  11. Gumanator125L

    Pics of your truck/ bike transport

    isnt the number 911 abit well you know ..... weird???
  12. Gumanator125L

    Free training day for me!!!

    Its on the 6th and 7th of october, the 2nd week of the holidays!!!!! it costs between 100-200$$ for a normal entry pass.
  13. I won a free training day with Daryl Hurley, 2005 mr motocross champion I won it in a raffle, at todays races....... Nxt weeek at our local track!!!!
  14. Gumanator125L

    To race, or not to race???

    I dont have to use my dads bike anymore, the shop is letting me use a biike in there instead, cause they feel bad about my bike braking twice thanks to them.....
  15. Gumanator125L

    To race, or not to race???

    well put RMZ 114!!