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  1. motoxkx250

    Elkins Swimming hole ?????

    I cant find it but i heard its some where off trail 26
  2. motoxkx250

    Hollister suggestions

    If you have never been their before you will probably not find the hardest trails their. Don't get me wrong, you will run into some black diamonds but their not hard at all, i mean iv seen quads on some of these trails. I don't think you will run into Troll Trail (my opinion the hardest trail their) if you just stay on marked trails.
  3. motoxkx250

    Anyone race in the Old Crow Scramble at Carnegie on Sunday?

    almost perfect conditions, believe it or not some of the fire roads in the back were dusty. was not what i expected.
  4. motoxkx250

    Hollister nationals

    For all you guys who raced on sat. what do you think when about 90% of the c class cut two miles off the course first lap, due to bad marking. They all got penalized for it. D-36 added the first 2 laps together. So 200 2 strokes the only line that went the right way that got 6 laps done, got top overall no mater how good they did.
  5. motoxkx250

    CRF450X v. 450 EXC

    the price of parts is not bad go look it up
  6. motoxkx250

    Holister Hills single track

    yea it has to be troll trail, that ones probably the hardest one out their.
  7. motoxkx250

    Hollister nationals

    oh really, i thought it was like 16 miles on Sunday. How long was it taking you to complete one lap. i know that there was no more dry dusty sections after about a half do to the rain, that must have been nice.
  8. motoxkx250

    Hollister nationals

    thats right no moto. It was pretty much all dusty fireroads. i was disappointed. Mybe livermore will be better.
  9. motoxkx250

    Hollister nationals

    well 02WR426 i think you are the only one that liked the Saturdays race. i thought it sucked we got a 9 mile loop and Sundays race they had a 16 mile loop. I think the sat. loop should have had part of the GP track and more single track. There was way to much fire road. I think that loop to a lot of flat track skill and thats it.