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  1. phreakboy

    Yamaha DT125 (1974)


    love it
  2. phreakboy

    Yamaha DT125 1974

    love it
  3. phreakboy

    Help Identify xr200 part, right side engine

    Well I knew it was the crank as I am certainly not a newb to motors, I was kinda just having a brain fart when I typed that, I was pretty sure that it was the rotor but I wanted to make sure. and since I didnt have a good break down pic I just wanted to double check with ppl that have been inside the xr motor.
  4. I just purchased a 95 xr200r that needs some work, the right side cover is off right now because they removed the clutch plates, my question is on the right side if you are facing the clutch pack just to the right of that is a shaft coming out that is supposed to have something on the end of it(mine is broken) I looked on my 200x motor and on it it is a round object that is about 3 inches wide and gets thinner onto the shaft, is that what is supposed to be on the xr, I tried to take a pic but my camera batterys went dead, also if it is the part then will the one off an 85 200x fit the xr?
  5. Just an odd question but you dont have a reserve setting on your petcock? Usually all bikes have it so that one you dont end up pushing and two you dont suck the dirt. I would open the valve on the float bowl and see if you have gas at all of the carbs. Are you positive it ran out, or could it have lost spark?
  6. phreakboy

    89 cr250 compression info needed

    Well this is also the compression checked when cold as I was not able to start it that day do to a fouled plug, so I would assume that it would go up some if the motor is warmed since the metal would expand?
  7. Awhile back I had bought an 89 cr250, it had clutch problems and starting issues but I got a good deal, well I fixed the clutch, but my starting problems are as follows, I can kick and kick and kick and not get this bike to start however It will bumpstart really easy and runs great, will wheelie in 4th gear no problem. I talked to someone else and they suggested doing a compression check which I did and I got 140, I then added a cap full of oil and got 152. Now my question is what is the compression supposed to be? Does this sound good or bad? Also does anybody have any other suggestions on my starting issue?