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  1. CL13579

    2012 Tacoma TX Baja

    I had the supercharger added. No, I went with the auto. I've gotten to the age where manual transmissions belong in sports cars.
  2. I'm somewhat surprised that you asked that question!?! If the coolant absorbs less heat, the temp gauge will read lower. If the coolant absorbs less heat, the coolant does not transfer as much heat to the other metal components of the engine which are designed to handle heat transfer and dissipation. Even the engine oil will run cooler in a 4 stroke engine because there is less surface area for the oil to absorb heat from inside the engine due to the coolant transfering less heat around the engine. If the coolant does not transfer as much heat to the other components of the engine, many of the other components of the engine will read cooler. If the coolant does not absorb as much heat, and does not transfer as much heat, the hottest areas in the engine do not receive the proper cooling.... namely the cylinder wall and compression surface of the head.
  3. Yes, a few times. Someone will come on and babble about surface tension, etc. but simply adding alcohol to water lowers the surface tension. The best way to remove all surface tension is to boil water. The surface-tension argument is a smoke screen.
  4. CL13579

    relocating to Portland, where to live?....

    Just over the border in Washington State there is some exceptional riding, housing west of I-5 and north of Vancouver is relatively inexpensive, and in Washington State you can now license any dirtbike with a few hundred dollars worth of dual sport equipment and an inspection.
  5. CL13579

    New Battery? Help!

    I ran aTurnTech battery in my bike for 3 years with no problems. Many months of that time I was down with a blown disc in my neck, so the bike sat from many months. The battery always cranked it right over. Just this past month or so it failed so I purchased a new TurnTech battery. Their customer service and products are top notch! I had a running review in the CRF230 forum for the entire 3 years. I worked on a light weight project where I was able to trim 46lbs off of a 2007 CRF230.
  6. I'll start with, nothing transfers heat better than pure water. If pure water transfers heat away from a cylinder better than anything else, nothing else can transfer (absorb) as much heat in a liquid state as pure water. Engine ice uses no water, so it transfers heat away from the cylinder less efficiently than pure water. A 50/50 coolant/water mix will transfer heat away from a cylinder more efficiently than any coolant by itself. Water has a lower boiling point than any of the conventional coolants. Water combined with coolant has a higher boiling point than water alone. Coolant alone has a higher boiling point than water/coolant combinations. Coolant alone transfers heat less efficiently than water/coolant mix, and it has a higher boiling point. Engine ice transfers less heat away from the engine than coolant/water mixes, has a higher boiling point than water/coolant mixes, and therefore does not boil nearly as easily as coolant/water mixes. Engine ice runs cooler than coolant/water combinations. Engine ice transfers less heat away from the cylinder than coolant/water combinations. Running engine ice causes your coolant temperatures to run lower, your cooling system does not boil over as easily, but your engine internal components run hotter. There is always a trade-off. Personally I prefer a coolant/water combination combined with a fan.
  7. CL13579

    C4 to C7 - Compressed and protrusions

    My previous doctor told me to quit riding, quit martial arts, quit doing anything that would aggravate my neck, and start acting my age: I'm only 45. I found a new doctor. One surgery, physical therapy, and about three years of rehab.... I'm now pain free and back to riding. My previous doctor can lick my ball sack.
  8. CL13579

    Are 2 strokes coming back?

    I'm back on a two stroke after many years on the thumper side, and the amazing part to me is how much less tiring two strokes are to ride. They lug exceptionally well, find traction in areas where all of my four strokes struggled, lay down into corners easier, stand up easier, and are overall easier to ride over longer distances. If I were desert racing at speeds in excess of 60-70mph, I'd be on a thumper again, but other than that I'm back on two strokes for life............ and all of that doesn't even get into the maintenance issues with four strokes.
  9. Stand when you can, sit when you have to. Terrain and conditioning will dictate riding position. Anybody can sit. You will only learn to ride standing, by making yourself stand. You will only learn where to sit, by teaching yourself when to stand. You cannot learn to stand by sitting.
  10. CL13579

    2007 CRF230F Weight Loss Program

    If anyone wants to purchase the 230, I have decided to sell it. $2,500.00.