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  1. ecampo

    G450X Susp.Revalve-Dicks or E.E. whats best?

    Becareful!!!!!, mine(2009) was completly loose inside!!!!!, I remove 1 shim from forks and now its working really well
  2. ecampo

    g450x suspension?

    I found the problem..... one fork was loose inside, and the other the valve was clompletly loose too , so there wasnt any suspension at all, today I try it and is night and day, now it work like supose to do, and I remove 1 shims so Is a litle more soft.. for my taste...
  3. ecampo

    g450x suspension?

    they are xtrig,
  4. ecampo

    g450x suspension?

    I bought a new 09 g450x, and my friend too, he put the special triple clamp,($1300us) and my question is , Im coming from aKTM 400exc , and doing enduro I always feel secure on the handling of the bike, My new BMW feel like you are driving on marbles, I dont feel secure, I try my friend bike, and you feel it completly different , you feel secure too, the only mod is the Tripple clamps, I understand this is an aftermarket improvement , but cant belive the OEM clamp its so bad, so my question is what to check , maybe this bike has something wrong, I being doing ENDURO for more tha 20 years and have a lot of bikes, and never change clamps, always stock, so Im pretty sure the bmw oem it cant be that bad, any IDEAS.... sorry for my poor english
  5. ecampo

    09 g450x recalls?

    Hi I just bought a 09 g450x left over,0km, It was so good deal, I cant refuse, I need to know where i can find the list of recalls , to be sure they change the parts, Over here BMW sold 20 bikes, and I know a few with some problems (plastics, thermostat, ) I heard a few have to change the clutch , I talk to the dealer about this problem and he said , there is no problem , and BMW said the life of the clutch is only 80hrs, and if mine fail in less than 80hrs, he can claim warranty, I want to know if there is any recall , so I can make it to change my clutch,I dont want to have any problem in the midle of nowhere, so I want to be sure all recall are done, any idea where I can find more info??
  6. ecampo

    2007 250 exc f vs 2008 250 ex f

    I understand its almost a different bike, but I live in central america and here the bikes are really expensive, so the differen for a 2007 it $3000.00, so what I want to know if somebody had use both and how it feel the difference,
  7. Last weekend I try I 2008 ktm 250 xf , and I really like it , mine is a 400exc , so the difference was totally amazed, just one problem $9500 plus taxes , so the dealer said he have a 2007 250 ex f, and only 900km on it, he said it almonst the same, anyone had both, so can tell me how its really the difference between the 250´s, I know the plastics and the chassis are diferent but the dealer said its the same engine, so any ideas
  8. ecampo

    2006 muffler

    Hi, I just tried a wrf250 04 , with fmf muffler and header , and the difference before and after is like day and night, I want to buy a 2006 wrf250, my question is if I buy it do I have to change the muffle and header too, and I going to feel much difference, and where I can get the best price . thanks