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  1. Slider 22

    02 250F to 03 EXC

    Thanks for the support.Having a tough time getting the suspension tunned in,any tips?
  2. Slider 22

    02 250F to 03 EXC

    I'm 40+ trail rider and occasional C class hare scrambler going from a WR250F to 03 250 EXC 2 stroke.Has anybody else made this transition? Curious!
  3. Slider 22

    02 wr250f clutch problems

    Had the same problem on my 01.I put a rekluse in it and it would drag too.The solution is to put CRF 250 clutch discs in it,thats right Honda! It works perfectly.
  4. Slider 22

    YZ cam for WR250

    I did it on my 01 WR,couple hundred dollars and couple hours.Excellent results.step by step instructions are posted on this site.Good luck