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  1. jacofan

    Oil change O-rings

    I've done alot of searching through old threads and have come up with this info: -13mm ID o-ring will work on the filter -TT Store doesn't carry the above or the filter cover o-ring -TT store oil filter are a great deal BUT, I can't seem to find if the filter cover o-ring is a special Suzuki one. Does anyone have any other options for getting one other than getting from the dealer? Thx
  2. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    In trying to find the original problem, we pulled all that apart first actually and cleaned everything out and then noticed the debris down the tube....the rest of the carb was clean and in good shape. I'm not putting too much thought into where the small sliver came from actually - probably just part of "wear and tear"... The idle not dropping immediately may be due to the throttle cable being too tight? Will check tomorrow.
  3. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    There was a tiny sliver of brass in the tube where the needle slides in and it jammed the needle at ~75% throttle (it seemed like WOT at the time). Removed the debris (everything else looked fine) put everything back together and runs pretty good - thx to my buddy! The bike seems to take 2 seconds to get right down to idle when I come to a stop now - its livable though.
  4. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    Hey, thx for the replies!!! I'm not really totally inept mechanically - as I'm sure I can take the tank off without a prob at home as I do all my own oil changes and such maintenance (I just hoped there was a quick n' dirty fix to ride the bike home - other than at WOT!!!) .... I've been spoiled with reliability with my bike.....
  5. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    A pal of mine is a mech but I hate bugging him - I was just hoping that there was a simple fix and I could reset something (like hitting Ctl-Alt-Delete on the computer to reboot it) and be on my merry way I'll bring the bike home and call him up and he can show me!!! Although I watched him put the FCR on last year and I don't remember a thing he really did LOL
  6. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    Sounds like I better trailer it home as I don't want to risk getting gas all over their nice driveway....
  7. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    I searched "stuck", I searched "throttle" and a bunch of other terms - I actually searched and read threads for almost an hour b4 I posted...but not "WOT" - can't get them all- THX though, hopefully thats the solution!! I read the post and umm. not being overly mechanical, I can't tell if its a simple fix I can do in my friends driveway to get the bike home or if I need to borrow a truck to bring it home because it reads like the carb needs to be taken apart?? From the one picture - it looks like I can stick a screwdriver in and flip something back and then keep the bike less than 100% throttle until its fixed better...
  8. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    Is it just a matter of forcing it back? Can I check it without unbolting the tank? Thanks!
  9. jacofan

    Quick help??? DRZ stuck at WOT!!!

    I was wondering about the return spring too but would I still manually be able to twist the grip if the return spring broke? The grip won't budge but for a 1/16" each way.
  10. I was merging on the freeway and was at WOT and when I reached speed I went to back off of the throttle and the bike kept accelerating. So I pulled in the clutch for a 1/2 second and the bike revved to the limiter and I immediately turned the key off and coasted on the shoulder. I was just riding for 30 mins prior with no problems then this....right out of the blue. Could some linkage been over extended by the WOT and now it won't return back? I think I could reef on the grip and it wouldn't move - or it would snap something. Whatever's jammed it has done a good job!! The throttle grip is stuck at WOT and won't move - the brief daylight I had at least showed the cable wasn't broken - I can see slack form when I can move it the few 1/16ths of an inch each way. It was nearing dark and luckily I was near a friends place and I walked the bike there. I'm going in the morning to look at it and hopefully with some advice here fix it. Its a 2005 DRZ-SM with 8,000km's, old style FCR carb- never done this before. I'm not overly mechanically inclined but I'm thinking I'll have to take the seat and tank off and un-jam something??? Being stuck at WOT won't flood it will it while its sitting not running....I assume it won't but...... Anyone else have an idea or two before I leave in the morning to look at it? Thx!
  11. The ones that ppar set up - it looked like a good dozen of you were getting them. Anyone have pics?
  12. jacofan

    ive been "had" on ebay

    I gave up on eBay a while ago. eBay seems to have more "professional" sellers and less of the ma and pop type now. As much as eBay says they try to eliminate fraud it just sounds like its happening more and more...
  13. jacofan

    sliding the distanzias?

    What tires are the pros running. They are pushing their tires hard on the pavement and on the dirt sections and they grip great. I think I would go with the popular tire that the top AMA SM guys are running. Anyone know what is the tire of choice for them?
  14. jacofan

    Yosh graphics

    We don't really choose the Dunlop. Its part of all the stickers that seem to be out there. I'm hoping for a better one to cover the Dunlop up on mine...
  15. jacofan

    How to carry extra fuel?

    Adam and Jamie couldn't ignite gas with a lit cigarette. Why do some people claim to know everything but have no proof to back things up? Some guys mount bicycle water bottle holders on their bikes and fill the water bottles with gas. I guess it could double as a Molotov cocktail holder too if one wanted to. This is the best thread in a few weeks!!