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  1. Washington

    Wish I had $1000, just put $300 into it and more than double your money. http://eugene.craigslist.org/bar/4455959239.html
  2. Good Times, my son smokes me now, but still remembers the times we had when he rode an XR70 with sparkles in his eyes. You are making memories that he will relish forever.
  3. Look at the pipe and clutch cover, this girl has a rough life!
  4. Do they make such a thing? Useful for when you come up short on the triple." I " of course don't need it, but I have a friend......
  5. Oregon

    My kids and I got our cards when they first said it would be required, and I have never been asked for it once in the 5 or 6 years I have had it. I used to ride right past rangers, hoping they would check, since I went through the trouble of being legal. Most of my friends never bothered and they have never been asked either, even when they were DB checking us.
  6. Very nice! What a coincidence, I just saw a 2002 CR250 engine and 91 CR500 roller together on Craigslist! LOL
  7. Is it a white bike in a snow storm? Just Kidding
  8. This is my Do It All Bike
  9. Nice job! A lot of people can go faster on a track with an X because of the smoother power. Electric start is a + when you dump it in the heat of battle.
  10. WD40 wont dull your plastics like brake cleaner and other removers will. The trick is to spray it on and let it sit, then spray some on a rag and wipe.
  11. I had one on my CR250, and I lost the spring 3 times, then the mount bent on it. I threw it away and wrote it off as a loss and now have a PMB and I wish I got it from the beginning. Night and day difference in build quality and toughness. Well worth the extra bucks.
  12. Rocky Mountain has the complete Polisport set except fork guards for $94.00
  13. A guy got on the bus yesterday wearing his full gear, helmet and everything. He just got on, sat down, and nobody even gave him a second look. Only in Eugene, Oregon!
  14. The guy on the white KDX should have been on the right side of the trail instead of in the middle, especially around a blind turn. I have nitemares about this happening to me.
  15. Too Cool!!!!