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  1. i would check ebay. i got mine form ebay and it works great and it was only 200 bucks with shipping, and its a plus 3.
  2. has any one had a problem with blone fork seals. i normaly ride trakes but rode in the hills and blew a seal. and its not like i was hitting any woops or any thing. just normal hills with a few ruts and small rocks. and is it worth trying to fix myself or should i take it somewhere.
  3. i run a trail bikes race head,it made a really great improvement.and its one of the most inexpesive,the web site is
  4. i bought a renthal oring r3 chain and dropped one tooth on the rear i noticed the chain seems to wide and rubs on the chain slider and creates drag,mostly noticable when just pushing the bike or spinning the wheel when its on the stand.does any one have any advice or solutions.