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  1. I suscribe to ESPN the Mag. In the 3 years I have had it, I can count on 2 fingers the pix from supercross/motocross. However, This week, guess what shot was the CENTERFOLD...yep...# 199 augering his melon...That is why he is what he is. He puts buts in the seats ! I am sure Whitlock was stern because he is a stand up dude & applys stuff without partiality, but inside he was smilin' for sure !!
  2. He Stole A Motorcycle...lol Sorry, I could not resist !!
  3. How about just tell him he is friggin grounded & to stay off of the bike, If he disobeys you, get rid of the bike...I am serious, his following rules is much more important than a bike. If he learns a lesson NOW, it is time well spent. Why do you feel he will go behind you...? Is this a pattern ? Got to get OLD school !!!
  4. That is some funny stuff right there, I don't care who you are...(Well unless you are Bubba - I mean James, or Chad.. I mean 3rd place...lol)
  5. trycrzb

    Fonseca down?

    I do not mean for this to come off as cold or anything, just a visual on all of this medical mumbo-jumbo...Do you remember in "Day's Of Thunder" when Dr.Lewiki scraped Cole's foot, that is what all of the mensa crowd are talking about. I just figured I would put a little bit of double wide mentality to the conversation.
  6. trycrzb

    Get This!!

    Well you can call all you want, i am not the one making the claim, just repeating what a friend said. I am not into the whole " i know more than you " thing so you may be right...whatever, i still think it looks sharp. Over the top yes maybe a bit, safe & comfy WAY
  7. trycrzb

    Get This!!

    Oxnard to Gorman & back twice is still not as far as COLORADO to Lancaster to Los Angeles to Lancaster.
  8. trycrzb

    Get This!!

    This topic has been covered over & over... Here is a friends set up. The trailer is not the issue (as far as cost/gas/etc.) The issue is the truck/pulling vehicle. This particular truck was purchased for under $24,000.00...I dare say that NOONE can show me a vehicle that has this much towing power, this much safety, this much comfort, (can you say sleeper toilet for the kids) this much fuel capacity (can you say twin 150's) for under $24,000.00 ? So as far as how much fuel you can buy...How much did you spend on the truck, this one came from Colorado to Los Angeles solo, pulled this trailer from LA to Lancaster & only used 1/4 of one tank...Show me an F-3fiddy that can claim that http://pic1.picturetrail.com/VOL1168/4061163/8795637/124731515.jpg "Better to spend a day in the game than a lifetime in the stands"