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  1. xr_rider1

    Fuel additives questions

    I have my own oppinion on something here. i bought my bike brand new at the start of 2006. i started adding a product to the fuel called Castrol M just after the motor was run in. Castrol M is an upper cylinder lube recomended for all methanol burning motorcycles. My valve clearances have barely moved within the last 2 years. i swear by this stuff. Some of u may not agree here but thats ur opinion and i respect that but i am just sharing this with u who want to listen. only add a small amount to your fuel. i use 50ml per 10 litres.
  2. xr_rider1

    2 stroke oil in a 4 stroke

    i have been running valve saver in the fuel of my xr400r since new which was about a year ago now and i havent had any trouble yet. i checked the valve clearances about 1 month ago and the valves havent moved a bit so i believe in using some sort of extra lubrication for your valves.
  3. xr_rider1

    Ready Filter pre-lubed air filter

    i am onto my second ready filter now and love them. i have not had a problem yet and i will continue to use them until i find a problem with them.
  4. Get off jeremy's case. he has been my favourite rider for years. i have never met him but he seems like a courteous person. treat others how you would like to be treated. he is only human.
  5. xr_rider1

    Any common problems with 98 WR400's?

    my 2000 wr400 pretty much self destructed. the conrod snapped just under the piston pin and put a hole through the engine cases at the front of the motor and punched another hole through the back of the cylinder. the rod also smashed the balancer. we got a quote for parts here in australia and it was going to cost around $4000 australian dollars and that does not include a new crank and balancer and that is with me doing the labour. if i were you i would not buy an early model wr. the only way iw ould buy a wr is if i bought one brand new.
  6. xr_rider1

    1998 wr400f failures

    My 2000 wr400f's conrod snapped cleanly about halfway up the rod. The broken rod punchecd a hole through the casing at the front of the engine and through the back of the cylinder wrecking the casing and the cylinder. the conrod also smashed the balancer, wrecked the piston. about the only thing the conrod never came into contact with was the gears. i only had this bike for a week. i bought it second hand. i ended up selling the bike for parts as it had a vortex ignition, white brothers exhaust system, tuned suspension, two sets of plastics, the standard ignition, all the standard road gear, standard pipe and also a set of triple clamps to fit oversize bars. over here in australia they brought out a 2005 xr400r which is jut the us 2004 xr400r with some different graphics. wr400f just go over everything when you take the engine apart. check the rod for cracks, crankshaft for wear and play. if everything is fine you should have one awesome bike when it is rebuilt.
  7. xr_rider1

    My 03 WR450 just broke its conrod

    honda brought out an 05 xr400 over here in australia
  8. xr_rider1

    My 03 WR450 just broke its conrod

    My 2000 model wr400 snapped the conrod, smashed a hole through the cases at the front just underneath the barrel, smashed a hole through the back of the barred, grooved the bore and also smashed the balance shaft. I think i will stick to my trusty 2005 model xr400
  9. xr_rider1

    XR/WR 400s comparison

    No i am not kidding about what i said about my wr400 blowing up very badly. i have heard a lot of them have been snapping conrods and making a mess of the cases. lots of people have had luck with their bikes but i was not lucky. i know i will probably not by another second hand bike again.
  10. xr_rider1

    XR/WR 400s comparison

    Look i am not having a go at you or nothing but the 2000 wr400f is not what i would call "refined" it has major reliability issues that i have personally experienced. I owned my wr for a week and it blew up very badly. wr400's snap conrods and drop valves. my 2000 wr400f snapped the conrode and the conrod puched a hole through the casing at the front and throught the back of the barrel. we then rang around a few wreckers and they had all been having trouble with these bikes snapping conrods and also the laters 426's and 450's snapping conrods with less than 2000 kilometres which is 1250 miles. it was an awesome bike, the whole week i had it i had a huge smile on my face when i got to ride it as it had awesoem suspension and awesome power. BUT what is the use of having a bike like that if it self destructs. anyway, how can you ride a bike that is blown up.
  11. xr_rider1

    Have a drz400s, looking at a wr400. Any thoughts

    I am giving you advice based on and experience i have had with this bike. I bought this bike and i only had it for a week. I absolutely loved it. one day i took it for a ten minute ride. i was just putting along and i heard CLICK, CLICK and it locked up on me. i pushed it all the way home. the next day we took the skidplate off and we saw a great big hole in the caseing at the front of the engine. we then took the engine apart and got a very rude shock. the conrod snapped clean and puched a hole through the casing at the front and out the back of the barrel. the conrod smashed the balance shaft and also took a nice chunk out of the piston. I was not to impressed as i had only owned the bike for just under a week. after that i looked around for another set of cases from wreckers and they then told me that this was a common probelm with the wr range. this bike was a 2000 400 model but every wrecker we rang also told me that the 426's and 450's are even worse. the wreckers had a few 03 model 450's that had not even done 2000 kilometres which is about 1250 miles and had snapped the conrod. I really loved that bike but it was too unreliable. so instead of paying nearly nearly 4000 australian dollars to get it fixed up i put that money towards a brand new honda xr400r. i am not dissing the wr's but if i was you ace i would buy a new wr450f if you really want a wr and trade it in every year for a new one. personally i would have 2 bikes. an xr400 and a yz450f.
  12. xr_rider1

    Glad I got a crf instead of ttr

    i think u people are booming the crf up a bit to much, everyone says they are race bikes and that the engines are all new, but they are only xr200 engines bored out a bit. these engines have been around in one form or another for years. yes they are reliable but when u get cocky mini riders on them they treat them like a race bike and they dont last very long. my ponit is if u want a race bike, go and buy one, not a crf230
  13. xr_rider1

    Can you run car oil in the XR400?

    i personally think that when u have a motorbike that you should run quality motorcycle oil in it. motorcycle oil is designed for motorbikes. car oil is designed for cars, not motorbikes, but hey, it is personal preference. i would rather be safe than sorry