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  1. Toinky

    Tight and twisty High Desert ride 9/21/2013

    Sounds like my kind of riding. Would love to join in. May be able to make. What time and where?
  2. Thanks for the input/feedback. I'm still curious as to why the manual would state that US/Canadian models should use different weights of oil than other countries. That just seems odd. Does anyone know about this difference?
  3. So, I know that questions about oil grade, type, etc. have been asked ad nauseum on TT, but I have a question about what my 2006 WR450 manual says about oil weights. It specifically says that in the USA (and Canada) I should only use 20W-40 or 10W-30 depending on temperature. However, it lists numerous weights for non-US bikes. Why is there this difference in what oil is supposed to be used in non-US vs. US bikes?
  4. Toinky

    Top Dead Center?

    I've adjusted my valves on my 2006 WR450 several times. I recently had my motor rebuilt by a local motorcycle shop. Now it's time to adjust the valves, but it seems like something isn't quite the same. When I align the piston to TDC by using the timing mark in the window, the cam lobes aren't quite where they should be. To get the cam lobes/punch marks aligned as they should be, I have to go slightly past the TDC mark on the flywheel. So, I'm wondering, (1) do you suppose the guy who rebuilt the motor got the timing off one tooth? If so, (2) don't you think I would have noticed it running ratty after the rebuild. And finally, (3) what should I do about it?
  5. Toinky

    Hot Start Plunger Stuck

    My hot start lever stuck ('06 W450), so I looked into the problem. Found the plunger is frozen in the carb. I loosened the [cheap plastic] nut and tried to pull the plunger up, but it won't budge. I don't want to just yank with major force for fear of trashing it or something else. I'm wondering if anyone has a trick on how to get the plunger unfrozen.
  6. With all due respect to you, dirtysouth, and especially to Indy, although I share your assessment of Indy's knowledge and helpfulness, in this case, what you post as a statement of Indy solving the problem, didn't. Look at my post dated 1-11-08--the right bearing is not really available. My point here is not to say Indy missed one, rather that the problem is still not solved. I'm still looking for a way to order the right sized bearing.
  7. Toinky

    Starter bearing replacement

    Thanks, Anthony. I tried a couple of shops in my town (central California), but couldn't find anyone to do it because of the odd bearing size. Could you give me more detail about who/where you got yours done? That is, I'd appreciate more specifics about the kind of shop and what they did exactly. Thanks.
  8. Anyone successfully replaced the rear bushing/bearing in the starter of a WR450? Once this bearing goes, your starter makes a horrible screeching, and Yahama wants you to buy a new starter for $200+ rather than replace the bearing for minimal bucks. There's an extended discussion about this at: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=451945
  9. I want to revisit this thread because, in spite of getting lots of "miles" out of my rebuilt starter, it is now doing the same thing. In fact, I got more miles out of the rebuild than I did the original, likely because of how I used the button differently (see above). What I'd like to know is if anyone has found the exact part match for the bearing. Indy_WR450 suggested a way to get the exact bushing in rulon from a distributor. However, when I call the distributor (Tri-Star Plastics/tstar.com) , they tell me, in spite of what the catalog implies, that the part number (see Indiy's post a few messages back) is a special order. This unfortunately means a minimum order of something like 500 pieces and lost of bucks. So, has anyone successfully replaced the rear bushing/bearing in the starter of a WR450?
  10. Toinky

    03 WR450F starter making god awful noise

    Here is a link to a thorough thread about rebuilding my starter after it began screaching: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=451945
  11. Toinky

    Bog off idle after carb rebuild on TTR 250

    I did "mess with the float" assembly, but I didn't (intentionally) change the level. I removed the float vavle assembly to clean it, but did not adjust the level (i.e., I did not bend the tang on the float). I did not adjust the level, mostly because the method the manual says to test it sounded like more work than was needed (e.g., special tool, reassemble then measure, pull apart to adjust, then reassemble, etc.). I hoping it was okay to leave as is because it was running fine (except for starting) before the rebuid. Would an incorrect float level cause these symptoms? I did put the spray shield back on properly. The main/pilot/needle were all clean at time of reassembly.
  12. Toinky

    Getting Rid Of Key On 04 Ttr125l

    However, I'd be careful in circumventing the key. I hot wired my '04 ttr250 by shorting the key wires (I'd forgotten my key on a ride!). I let it stay like that and after several months it killed my battery. That is, hot wiring kept some juice draining and discharged the battery enough that I eventually had to replace it. The manual says you should not let the bike sit for extended periods with the key on--which is essentially what I did and I found out why they say this. This may not be the case the way you are bypassing the key and it also may be unique to the 250, but thought you ought to know.
  13. I rebuilt the carb on my '04 TTR 250 (to clean the starter jet). After putting it back together, the bike runs well, except when I blip the throttle when it's idling. The bike bogs badly when I hit the throttle hard, but accelerates fine if I hit it smoothly. This makes me believe I've done something wrong in rebuilding things, in particular it seems like it must be the accelerator pump. I've tried various positions on the pilot screw with no detectable effect. In looking at the accelerator pump diagram, it seems so simple, it's hard to guess what I messed up. Any advice?
  14. Toinky

    TTR250 difficult to start when warm

    I have an '04 TTR250 with about 1500 miles on it. It has run well and done well for several years. Lately, however, it has been finicky about starting when it's warm/hot. It fires right up with the choke when cold, but doesn't want to start without playing with the throttle and/or choke when warmed up. It runs fine after started, but the only consistent way to get it started when warm is to pull the choke. Once running, I push in the choke lever and all is well. Odd, huh? I recently replaced the plug and checked the valves to see if either of those things could be the culprit, but no dice (the valves were nicely in spec at 1.5k miles). The service manual says to check scores of things, but most of them seem to be related to not starting at all, not specifc to difficult starting when warm. It seems likely to be a carb issue, but any hints as to where to look specifically, or to look at something other than the carb, would be appreciated. I haven't done any mods to the bike and until the last few rides, it has been a very reliably starting machine. I should note that this problem may (I don't recall for sure) have started after having let the bike sit for several months, without draining the fuel, etc. (I got a bigger bike and have neglected this one!)
  15. I had trouble starting my '06 WR450 (w/ all free mods) twice on a ride yesterday. The bike fired right up (with the starter) in the brisk morning air. I let it idle for a few minutes, then shut it off because we weren't ready to go. Upon attempting to restart a few minutes later, it didn't want to go at all--not even a sputter. I did not use the choke nor the hot start at first--it seemed warmed up, but only barely. I finally got the engine going after nearly draining the battery and resorting to lots of kicking. Using the choke and/or hot start didn't seem to help. What finally did it was me holding the throttle wide open. (I realize this is a no-no on a thumper, but I was desperate--and it worked.) I was able to start the bike immediately the rest of the day (using the hot start) with one exception when I stalled on a muddy up hill and ended up having to do the kick/full throttle thing to get it going. For what it's worth, when cranking it with the starter both times I had the trouble, it acted like the battery was dead for a moment--by reseting the computer--but then engaged and kept cranking fine for quite some time. What could be going on? In case it's relevant, I posted information about recent maintenance I had done, but thought the problem had gone away.