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  1. mxbuffalo

    Starting Problems 2006 Honda CRF250R

    DITTO on the clogged pilot, take it out and make SURE it's clean. This is very likely after sitting a long time.
  2. mxbuffalo

    Rekluse z Start clutch

    Been running one on my '05 for 2 years, I wouldn't give it up now, BUY ONE!!! (make sure you get the PRO)
  3. mxbuffalo

    how do u get the bearings out of the swing arm?

    I am trying to get mine out on a 99 YZ250, looks like there is a lip on the outside of the first bearing that will not let you press from the outside, is this correct or am I seeing things? I pressed the bearings right out of the linkage but the swing arm bearings are giving me fits.
  4. mxbuffalo

    Countershaft seal

    Sounds like great advice, I'll loosen that chain a little. Thanks!
  5. mxbuffalo

    Countershaft seal

    Our 150 has about 4 hours on it and already has a leaking countershaft seal. The part # is 91202-KCY-761. About $4.00 for one of these. I know you can pretty easily change these out from the outside on the big bikes, I assume it is the same on the 150?
  6. mxbuffalo

    Hard Starting

    I just got mine back from having the recall work, it was very hard to kick as well. I took the cover off and found that they had torqued the decompression rocker against the spring which does not allow the rocker to move! This spring is very light and it is tempting to give it an extra wind before installing it. This should not be done though because it will cause the spring to cock itself crooked and make it very difficult to install without getting it caught behind the rocker. This rocker needs very little spring anyway but if it can't rock at all your bike will kick like an old 500! This is very easy to fix yourself, see pictures on page 55 of your owner's manual. Just don't drop any parts down the case!
  7. mxbuffalo

    5w40 - Ok?

    Thinking of trying the 5W40 Sylkoline Pro 4 plus, anyone used this oil? Any trouble? Thanks
  8. mxbuffalo

    Coolant dripping

    2004 CRF250R - last fall I had to change the head gasket, it was loosing lots of coolant, visably from the overflow and dripping down the side of the motor as well. At that time I had just got the bike and was using regular coolant. Since I rebuilt I have been using Engine Ice and have had great luck all summer. (It has been a long hot one here in Kansas too) I put the temp stickers on to monitor the temp, never been hot according to these. Went riding yesterday and noticed a drip from the tube again. Needless to say this has me worried. Let it cool and checked the level, coolant still full. Should I be worried or not? Is it ever normal to have some drip at the overflow? Thanks fellas.
  9. mxbuffalo

    New Website

    Hey all you cats, just finished our team website, www.760racing.net, check it out! Some pics, video, bla bla bla. (hope it's ok to post this here!) Kevin Harris McPherson, KS
  10. mxbuffalo

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Here's mine... http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g153/buffalo760/CRF250R-2s.jpg http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g153/buffalo760/CRF250R-1s.jpg
  11. mxbuffalo

    Have you ordered from Decal works?

    Just some more info, keep your order #, Decal Works WILL replace any single piece if you botch it up (like I did on the pipe side), much cheaper than replacing all pieces.
  12. mxbuffalo

    Header pipe gasket...

    Thanks again guys
  13. mxbuffalo

    Header pipe gasket...

    Hey fellas, what is the trick to removing the old header gasket from the head? I can't get that sucker outa there. It's like it's welded or something. Appreciate the help.
  14. mxbuffalo

    dry rebuild??

    All done, bike runs great! About 10 hours work time. Biggest problems I had was getting that cam chain back on right as it skipped some teeth on the crank making my white-out marks un-usable. That was a bitch. Also, putting the circlips in the piston was not fun. Got them in Ok, but my WISECO directions said to spin the gap to the bottom, and I see their point, but I could not get those suckers to move once they were in there! Lastly, when you pull the cylinder there are supposed to be two dowel pins and a collar in the coolant passage. The dowels were there, but I could not see anything in the coolant passage. That's the way it went back together so I hope it's not a big deal. Anyway, thanks very much guys, I certainly would not have done this without your advice. DO IT DRY!!!
  15. mxbuffalo

    dry rebuild??

    THANKS! That is exactly what I was looking for, now I'm off to the garage. I'll let you know what happens...