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  1. BlackBikeBob

    Slaying the dragon.....

    Mrs Slicer Was That You And Hubby In Big Ol Pick Up With Huge Trailer Yelling Out The Window To Me (sm#8 On Trailer) On 95 Heading To Daytona Bike Week? Impressed With Your Trailer And Was Looking Forward To Riding With Y'all Sorry I Missed Ya No More Bike Week In Daytona For Me I'm Going To The Dragon Next Time
  2. BlackBikeBob

    DRZ trailering - Compression of the suspension

    Bought A Plastic Spacer To Keep The Forks From Compressing Too Much On My Trip To Daytona...$20 / 20 Minutes. It Lasted 25 Miles Down The Jersey Turnpike. On The Way Back, I Used A Split Piece Of 2x4 And Duct Taped It To The Froks To Keep It From Flying Away. I Have Been Using The Bungees For Years And Trust Them To Keep Things In Place When Watching The Trailer Fly A Foot In The Air On Nj 17 Boiler Plate Roads. I Use The Big Thick Rubber Straps...like Plumbers Use To Hold Pipes On The Truck...thanks Dad (plumber) Also Use Zip Ties On The Tie Down Hooks To The Mounts
  3. BlackBikeBob

    Backroad Map Question

    Make Sure You're Not Visiting Rushmore During Sturgis Bike Week. You May Find Some Japanese Motorcycles Burned, Shot And Hung From Trees.
  4. BlackBikeBob

    Where to get short bar mirrors

    Mirrors And The Lead Bar Ends Then The Seat Strap Were The First Things Removed From My Sm...before I Rode It For The First Time. I Thought The Air Brakes Were On For A Joke, When I Looked In The Manual, I Found Out They Were Mirrors. Heck, Toss Those Things, And Use A Near By Harley To Comb Out The Helmet Head. Hey...whats A Behind You...she No Matter. My Sm Is Pretty Quick, So Basically... Everything Is Behind Me... So..why Bother Represent
  5. BlackBikeBob

    Wheelie Good Bike

    Sorry...but I also feel...That if you have to yank the clutch to get the front wheel in the air... well...I don't want to buy your used bike. maybe in a stunt for the crowd emergency... but my bike comes up no prob in 2nd... you just need to know when to give it a wack with the stock carb. wait til I get me one of those FCR's Yo! Hey...I saw 4 DRZ's including another bright black and a slower yellow SM at Bike Week in Daytona. I loved blowing off those $50K choppers at the lights and hardley noticedson all the plain clothes cops on main street still ain't no place for a 'tard with no curves for 200 miles and no beach ridin'... and no breaker chics... well...I'm never going back there again I can see plenty of H-D's in front of the local bars and... I haven't even sat on my H-D since I got me one of those SM's ... Yo
  6. BlackBikeBob

    Can't get it up...

    I use a milk crate as a step to load bikes into a van or on a pickup. just don't run and jump on 'em as they can slip
  7. Please count me in for a Carb and installation and jet kit for my SM. feel free to contact me, and I will order mine asap for your year end closing. Thanks Bob
  8. BlackBikeBob

    SM bar end mirrors

    mirrors? the motard riders in poughkeepsie don't use no stinkin' mirrors heck no...afterall...everything is behind us... why look...we know you're back there...wayyyy back there and what are those big chicken strips doing on a motard? represent yo!
  9. BlackBikeBob

    Super motard ???

    OKAY KIDS I'm 50, and haven't sat on my harley since I got my 'tard. more fun than my gixer, fzr...or skirtster best bike, most fun been riding 40 years love it
  10. BlackBikeBob

    Finding a DRZ 400 SM

    if I sold you mine, and I bought another motard bike... would I be a re-tard ? D'oh!
  11. BlackBikeBob

    A DRZ, A late nite ride and the BMV

    A buddy and I had run out of gas on our air cooled DR's back in mid 90's. These bikes had wierd bulges in the bottom of the tanks...but not where the petcocks were placed. We were laying the bikes on thier left sides to get as much gas over as we could. You should have seen the cage drivers look at 2 bikes laying down on the road. The only way to get back home was to wheelie as much as posible to get the gas near the petcock. I'll never forget that ride.
  12. BlackBikeBob

    DRZ400 slipper clutch by december

    Have 'em send me one... Dear Santa, Please get me a slipper clutch for my DRZ-SM, and have Suzuki start installing them like they're 'sposed to...and, and, make me a 650 SM. Thanks, Bobby
  13. BlackBikeBob

    Any 'tards in southwest Florida?

    you guys found turns in florida? where? been to daytona a few times didn't see a curve...
  14. BlackBikeBob

    Suzuki DR 350 Cylinder

    I hope you have a piston already. How big you bore out your cylinder depends on the availability of a piston. right?
  15. I need some direction in placing an order for the FCR carb kit. I admit I'm and old guy, and I don't know the ins and outs of online purchases. I do know my 06 DRZ SM is a pig without an accelerator pump. Please help me obtain the FCR kit for my bike by providing any additional info available. I have attempted to add one to my cart, but that didn't seem to work. So, I tried anding to my wish list, and provided email, and snail mail addresses. You guys are great, the site is great, and thanks to all for your help. Black Bike Bob