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  1. IMHO, Get the engine running then spend your $ on suspension. Put some hours on it. Then if you like it spend money on engine work. I had a 2005 YZ250F and the stock engine had plenty of power as is.
  2. Yes, Kyle did the suspension work. I only use him for suspension.
  3. Picked up a 2004 very inexpensively. Tires, skidplate, brakes,wheel bearings, airfilter, bar risers, BBR CDI, jet kit, air screw, foot pegs, fork springs and emulators, TrailTech computer, rear rack, handuards, grips, chain and sprockets (14/50) and a good amount of elbow grease.
  4. Www.procycle.us
  5. 2015. First thing i did was replace the front fender with a universal Acerbis. Then threw away that stupid little black fender. I put barkbusters on it, magnetic drain plug, a 12vdc adapter and Kenda Trackmaster II tires on it. It is a very capable dual sport bike and will take me anywhere i want. Very fun to ride.
  6. I just cleaned out my carb due to E-10 sitting too long. I had some health probs that kept me off the bike for awhile. After reassembly, gas leaks from the drain screw even when firmly seated. Did I forget an o-ring or something? Anyone have a picture of their drain screw? I have a 2006 XT-225 that I have owned since new. My way of making easy starts if the bike had been sitting for over 7 days would be to simply drain the carb with this screw first and then the bike would fire right up. It never leaked till I cleaned the carb so I thought I might have forgotten something.
    Best Bike I have ever owned
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    Best Bike I have ever owned
  8. Is there a caliper bracket that has to be installed between the rotor and the caliper on a 2008 YZ250F?
  9. I have two frozen bolts that connect the shroud plastic to the gas tank. I assume the receiving nut is spinning in the gas tank. Any ideas on how to get the bolt out?
  10. I bought a parts bike that I am getting back into rideable condition. It is a 2008 YZ250F. I need a front brake caliper. I bought one off of Fleabay that was a 2006 model. Supposed to fit 06-09. Well the spacing between the mounting bolts on the fork is alot smaller than the caliper is made for. Is there a different caliper size for this year? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Yes you will need a longer chain. Just buy one at about 118-120 links and cut it to the right length for your rear sprocket
  12. http://www.roguemotorsportz.com/Your_Cart.aspx?t=Dirt+Bike&g=-1&v=&y=&c=1095&c2=1157&m=0&o=2&s=&p=1&n=15&cv=1
  13. Everything above and pull off the airbox snorkel....