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  1. Short4strkrcr

    Lost mybest friend

    Just found out that the guy who did it named waffles got 10 years for involuntary manslaughter.
  2. Short4strkrcr

    breaking in the 06

    Just warm up the engine and ride it hard. congrats on the new bike
  3. Short4strkrcr

    Ricky James

    This kid wrecked in March and is now back on the bike with being paralyized. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/videos/0,20898,,00.html Link
  4. Short4strkrcr


    I will back up CRF250R121 they did label it oil on the tranny side because i checked last night and on the engine oil side it said KT 7 so once again the japs make a great product but you can really tell that they are not mechanically inclined.
  5. Short4strkrcr


    Ok my father and i were changing the oil in my bike yesterday and we did everything by the book except for where to put the oil in at. This really pisses me off because on the tranny side it says oil so naturally because the drain bolt is directly underneath there i thought ok. but then it never showed anthing on the dipstick so then i knew something was wrong. just to reminded people that i am a new to 4 strokes and stuff. It just pisses me off and i read the manual but first time. If anyone has anything to say go for. Right now the tranny oil is draining so i learned my lesson it just thinks it bull.
  6. i came down to see my family because it is the 2 year anniversery of my grandfather passing. My friend called and told me that my best friend was killed. Somebodu put methodone in his drink and and then after that to finish him off he gave him one more tab of methodone to finish him. usually one pill can possibly kill you however he was not on heroion. All i have to say that the cops better find the guy who did it fast. The last time i saw him we went a got a 69 harley for him and i to re build. I promised his parent yesterday that i am going to bring it home and re build it for him. This was in Southern Ohio. CORZATT, Joshua A., 19 of Englewood, born May 27, 1986, passed away Wednesday April 19, 2006. Joshua was a loving and caring person who gave 100% of himself to those he cared for. Joshua is survived by his son Xander; his father and mother Bill & Pat (nee Pound) Corzatt, sister & brother-in-law Lisa & Gary Pavlofsky, brother & sister-in-law Clint & Meritha Corzatt, brother Daniel Conrad, aunts Micki Pound & Kim Sutton, niece Brittany Corzatt, paternal grandmother Geneva Corzatt, biological mother Sheryl Hurst. Those who are waiting for Josh are his loving maternal grandparents Ralph & Mildred Pound, paternal grandfather George Corzatt, Aunt Sherry Heitcamp and Uncle Scott Sutton.
  7. Short4strkrcr

    Mental Game

    Ok before i hit the track i am all pumped up and then when i hit the track it just seems like i get nervous. It could just be because i am coming off an 85 to a 250f but i am not sure. And with jumps i know i can clear them because i did on my 85 but i just seem nervous about jumping too. Any thoughts.
  8. Short4strkrcr


    Ok last saturday my father and i went to practice on my 2006 CRF250R. and after a few laps we were going to dampen the suspension a little. Once my father read the owners manual about how to we did. Then we wanted to adjust the pre load some so it said there is a little screw on the shock resevior i think? i is out bu the frame on the right hand side up by the seat. In the book it said turn it to the right till it would turn any more so ok we did and the little screw popped off and oil began to come out. So we freactily looked for the screw but couldnt find it. so we went home and called our local shop and told them what happend. keep in mind we just got the bike tuesday and we are going today after work to get the screw. but my father thinks that he can put the oil back in the resevor and i dont think he can personal oppionion because i dont want anything to happen to him because i do know there is nitrogen in there. We are going to have the whole suspension re done to my weight and everything from proaction but he still wants to try to fix it. Is there even anything that he can even do. We got the bike last tuesday. any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way it is the rear suspension.
  9. Short4strkrcr

    stupid question

    ok i got a new 06 CRF250R last night and i am used to two strokes. Well i salesmen forgot to give me my service manual and i was wondering what type fo gas to run. I am pretty sure i dont have to mix it but i just want to make sure.
  10. Short4strkrcr

    New Bikes

    ok i my father and i went yesterday and picked up two new CRF250R's. Since a very short i am going to have the seat shaved and suspension worked on. But until then i was wondering what the power delivery is like. I am going to also going to break them in on saturday and i was wondering what it might be like to jump it with the bike being stock since i only weigh about 115 to 120. Cant wait to go riding on saturday. Josh
  11. Short4strkrcr


    Ok i my father and i just bought two 2006 CRF250R's and i need to know how to set up the sag on the bikes. one is a race bike and one is a backup bike. I weight aroung 120 and i was wondering how i would go about setting the sag. If somebody would please give me detalied instruction that would be great. Thanks Josh
  12. Short4strkrcr


    Ok i am getting an 06 crf250r in a couple of days. i am really small about 5'3 and 115 pounds. I was wondering if you guys feel like i can handle it. I am going to be racing in the 125C class. The reason that i got a 250R is because the power is not as snappy. So if there are any tips from anybody they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Josh
  13. Short4strkrcr

    Pop up

    ok i am looking for something around 5 to 10 thousand. i was wanting some opinions from people who might have possible have had them i am looking into pop up campers. please list pro and or cons right now i am not sure if they are a smart choice or not. Thanks
  14. Short4strkrcr

    Box Vans

    I am going to be 18 here soon and i am really into racing i dont have the money for a trailer so i am thinking about a cheap box van. Like from U haul or something because they sell those things cheap. If i do something like that i am going to make it into a toy hauler of some sort with a generator and electricity. I was wanting some opinions on this and or if anyone has one how to they like it.
  15. Short4strkrcr

    Turning pro

    Ok i am starting racing this next week although i have been to races and tracks for many years now. If you are really good how long would it take a person to go through the ranks to where they are able to make some money. Just wondering.