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  1. norcalmotocross

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    Here is a short preview of some of the course. Please remember we were setting the course not running it so we were going slow and checking stuff out. I showed the snowiest part of the course so everyone can see there is almost no snow
  2. norcalmotocross

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    Just got back from laying out the course. The course is going to be great. There is a mixture of terrains. There are some high speed fire road sections, some single track, some rock sections. The dirt is awesome. The weather is supposed to be in the 70's. I have some helmet camera footage of sections of the course. I hope to have it posted in the next hour or so. Its only 25 bucks for a class, it goes to help out the Auburn Ski Club. You can race a 30 minute moto for 10 bucks. Its the first one of the day. Basically you can pay to get a couple of site laps in. If you have the day free on Sunday come on out.
  3. norcalmotocross

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    Just got an update. If 25 member of the OTHG show up, they will get their own race.
  4. norcalmotocross

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    For us motocross guys 2 hours is LONG. You know us, 5-6 laps around a 2 minute course. I think its going to be a lot of fun.
  5. norcalmotocross

    October 25th - Boreal Ski Resort

    Just wanted to let everyone know about a cool event on the 25th of October. Jason Becker from Del Oro High School has organized a one off cross country race at Boreal Ski Resort as part of his Senior Project. Here is a chance to ride a cool one of a kind course with some awesome views. In an email from Jason here are some details Free Camping No Gate Fees 4.5 Mile Course Spark Arrestor Required Here is a link to the flyer.
  6. norcalmotocross

    Looking for Camping/Riding Spot

    Is the camping, just wide open, or are there spots? I hate showing up somewhere not really knowing what is going on. Next thing you know we are camped in the middle of a trail
  7. norcalmotocross

    Looking for Camping/Riding Spot

    Hello all, I need some help. I am looking for a place to camp(tent most likely) and ride from. We are out of the Sacramento area, so Northern CA or Northern NV would be best. My wife has only been riding for a few months so nothing to crazy. I have heard about a few places like moon rocks or Boca but would like some input from the masters.
  8. norcalmotocross

    First Bike for Wife

    Thanks for help. I wasnt sure what to look for in terms of mods, so I couldnt search the site very well. She is going to ride this weekend on my 250f, just to get a feel for it and let her make the call if its to much. Ill start looking for linkage kits and lowering kits. Thanks again. Ill post back with our results.
  9. norcalmotocross

    First Bike for Wife

    I was thinking yz125. I am fairly new to riding, so we have never ridden 2 strokes, can you elaborate on the flywheel weight idea? They 125 2 stroke looks so peppy, I am worried it would get away from here. But maybe thats me worrying to much
  10. norcalmotocross

    First Bike for Wife

    I did some searching and gathered some information, but some of the topics seem to go off topic towards the end and I never quite found what I was looking for, so if this has been asked 1 million times before, I apologize. My wife is 5'5 145-155 lbs. She is in good shape and not a timid person, nor a complete kamikaze. She is a great snowboarder, and can wakeboard, ride a skateboard, bikes no problem. My son and I go to the motocross track every weekend, we dont do much trail riding. A few months back, we borrowed a TTR125LE for the weekend and my wife road the kids/womens track and had a blast. Now she hooked, we went to the shop and she bought everything she needed (except helmet, we couldnt find one that fit quite right), but I digress. The TTR125 was to small, it was perfect for her to get her feet wet, but when she would stand up on the pegs, it was clear it was way to low. I saw a thread on here about a KLX140 that they put KX100 forks on it, but the thread morphed and turned into another topic. I look at the TTR230 and the CRF230 and they just look heavy and not fun to ride. My son and I ride 250fs, and while I think she could ride it around in 2nd gear, its just to fast of a bike for new rider. So I am stuck. To big for a TTR125 style bike, not experienced enough for a 250F. I though maybe a WR250F, but they are even heavier than my bike. I am worried about being the over protective husband, I can can watch my 17 year old son crash off a 60 ft triple and not blink an eye, but my wife tips over in a corner and my heart stops. Do I go with a heavier WR250F style bike and just let her fight through lifting up when she crashes? At least it has electric start. Just looking for some feedback? She has no desire to race, just cruise around the pratice track and maybe hit some off road trails now and then. Thanks for the help.
  11. norcalmotocross

    Is Foresthill open yet?

    Hey guys, I dont ride trails much, so I am not up to date on the the current status of trails in the area. I have some friends coming up from the Bay Area this weekend and they are hoping to get some trail riding in. Is Foresthill open or should I send them to Mammoth Bar. Or any other ideas you may have would be great Thanks
  12. norcalmotocross

    Honeylake MX GP October 20th/21st

    Just wanted to drop a line and let anyone everyone know that Honeylake MX is putting on one of their famous GP races. This is a great oppurtunity for off road riders to get a little racing in. The races are very low pressure events. Saturday is pure motocross. They run the regular motocros track. Sunday is when the real fun begins. In the morning they set up a GP course. They use parts of the MX track with some of awesome off road trails they have on the property. There are fire road sections, single track, washes, just about everything. Then in the afternoon is the super fun Team Marathon. Its a 2 hour race with up to 3 people per team or you can ironman it. You can trade off as often as you like. You can all share a bike or ride your own. If you have any interest in doing some racing, this is a great place to try it out. You dont need any special membership cards, transponders etc. Just come out and race. You can read some details over on our site norcalmotocross.com http://www.norcalmotocross.com/forum/all-things-motocross/8510-norcal-event-10-20-10-21-2007-honeylake.html Have a great day everyone Joey
  13. norcalmotocross

    Letter from the US Forest Service

    Hello everyone, I run the website www.norcalmotocross.com and I just got this emailed to me, I figured I would post it here to help spread the information. To whom it may concern, My name is Billy Brown and I work for the US Forest Service up here on highway 88 near Pioneer, California. I am putting together a series of informational campground talks at Pipi, and Silver Lake Campgrounds, every Saturday at 7pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day. These events are free and open to the public. Pipi Campground is very popular with OHV enthusiasts due to it sitting smack-dab in the middle of the Gold Note and Elkins Flat riding areas. I am looking for speakers who might like to do a presentation on ATV / motorcycle safety and etiquette. We do have a small stipend available to help defray the costs of making a presentation. The programs can be as long or as short as you like, and we have power, and portable projectors for power point presentations, or slide shows. if your group might be interested in making a presentation, or even if you would like to attend without making a presentation please contact me. Billy Brown USFS Amador Ranger District (209) 295-5900 williamabrown@fs.fed.us
  14. norcalmotocross

    Marysville- Riverfront vs. E-Street

    Thats the problem, dragging and disking are very different. The ground is so rock hard that it needs to be disked once and a while. When they water it the water just sits on top and makes it slick. I guess they know what they are doing though. Since it is rock hard it doesnt wash away in the floods
  15. norcalmotocross

    Marysville- Riverfront vs. E-Street

    Actually E Street is not like that at all. There are no doubles on the track at all. There is one step jump that might be considered a double, but its not more than 15 feet across at the most. Kids on 65s are jumping it. The track is all time right now. The flood has brought in tons of Sand. The track does get very rough at the end of the day. Lots of rolling whoops and ruts. However the ruts are very soft because they are made of sand, so if you make a mistake its not so bad. I personally think riding at Riverfront is scary, the track is hard pack and crowded. E Street splits practices by bike color if its gets to crowded and they also split up minis and women so its safe for everyone. You no longer need a JetX2 card to ride there. You can buy an E Street membership card for 30 or 35 bucks or you can get a 1 day pass. They also offer season passes. There is going to be a big Cross Country race out there this weekend. Dont waste your money at Riverfront, once you ride E Street you wont ever go back to Riverfront. IMHO