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  1. Is there enough room for radiator guards behind either 6.6 tank?
    Awesome bike, still new to me :-)
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    Awesome bike, still new to me :-)
  3. I'm adding a Handlebar control so that I can add blinkers/horn etc. It has a kill switch also that has 2 wires, one says "kill switch main" and the other says "kill switch ground", how do I wire it to the existing kill switch,do I cut out the existing switch and just wire this in its place or do I need to wire them parallel. I ohm the 2 wires and they don't seem to change button pushed or not, or is it just grounding internally? I got the handlebar switch from Procycle.us, seems like good stuff, Bob,
  4. I dont have the original key, and its not locked, but how do i change the lock cylinder out?
  5. Thank you NOBLE, your suggestion fixed it, it seems previous owner had left it in prime or something and filled crankcase half full of gas. Wow what a difference after oil and filter change. I'll change it again next week just to be clean and sure.
  6. When i connect the crank case breather the engine quits running. I took the carb off today and cleaned it, everything seems fine there. Without the crankcase breather connect the motor runs flawlessly. Any idea's?