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  1. Coupenut, My '07 S has developed identical symptoms. Engine noise has always varied, and I'm not really concerned with that. It's the vibration that isn't gonna work. Mine also develops only after warm up. It was somewhat intermittent the first 200 miles. Then for the last 400 miles it's been consistent. Vibrating enough to buzz my hands and feet after a several miles. I pulled the head cover today and everything checks out. Valves in spec, decompression is working, and ACCT has tension on the chain. My motor is stock except for the 3x3. It's got 7K on it and has never been touched. Tomorrow I'll drain the oil and look for any metal. I'll also check and loctite the nut and stator bolts. I'll post up if I find anything unusual. Anyone already been through this?
  2. Here's a link to a great ride. Glad I survived the impact. How it happend? Ride leader, caught up in the fun, looking at my gps, only srtaight in miles...yadaa, yadaa, yadaa! It's just plain ass stupid but that's how all wrecks are anyways! http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38074 One tuff scooter!LOL!!
  3. Thanks William. I had already done a search, but nothing quite like mine. I had actually broken a rectifier wire a while back and did the more power mod then. I went for test ride and noticed a quick blip of the display a high rpms. I've got a ride to go on tomorrow. Maybe it'll fix itself.
  4. I have an '07 S. The battery was weak and I barely got the bike to turn over. When I first turned the key on the display was working. After the bike started [3 revolutions], the display quit. The battery is charged [12.5 V] and at an idle, the system is putting out 13.5V. I checked the orange and red wires at the display connector and they're around 12V with just the key on. Also the illumination light on the display is working. Any ideas? Thanks, Tim
  5. Napping in a puddle.
  6. It sounds like your sag isn't set properly. Mine will make the same noise when I ride 2up with my wife if I don't reset it.
  7. Long Lake, Mi.
  8. '07 DRZS in process:thumbsup:
  9. Thanks for your input
  10. I've been following the drz forum for the past year and decided to purchase and build an '07 S model. All my mods have come from dicussions in this forum [a great help btw, I haven't been disappointed at any point] Anyways, I'm close to completion and the fcr is next. My question.... is there any noticeable difference in resistance on holding the throttle for long periods? I mostly use my bike for trail-hopping but I also make some fairly long DS runs.
  11. Could you be more specific? I'm new to DRZs, but so far I'm impressed.It's a great platform for building to suit.
  12. S.....thanks
  13. Corbin is okay after about 500 miles. I've heard gel is not good [especially in hot climates].
  14. '07 DRZ....standard mods. What's the best way to gain HP w/o going into the motor? How much can I expect to gain?