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  1. Have a 2015 YZ250F that starts effortlessly when cold, but difficult to start when hot. When hot, will start easily with cold start knob pulled out, but otherwise very difficult. Valves have been checked and are within spec (though intake is on the tighter side of the range). Running lean when hot? No other problems or symptoms. Once the bike gets started, runs flawlessly. Thoughts?
  2. bjc323

    '06 KX250F Oil Leak

    Took a fall and bent the gear shifter. Now oil is leaking out of the oil seal around the gear-change shaft. Can this be fixed without splitting the cases?
  3. Actually ended up with a 2011 Husaberg FE570 bought new from dealer for $7850.
  4. bjc323

    2008 KTM 530 EXC Problems?

    Asking price is $6800. Just picked up a 2011 Husaberg FE570s so am no longer in the market for the KTM. Thanks for all the info.
  5. Looking at a 2008 KTM 530EXC that is basically brand new (under 100 miles). Have there been any mechanical issues with this year and model?
  6. Just bought a 2011 FE570s and will be picking it up next week. Asked the salesperson about the plug that is supposed to come with the bike to plug the hole left after taking out some of the emissions stuff. He did not know anything about it nor could he find it. Is this part easy to come by?
  7. bjc323

    Aftermarket exhaust for RMZ250

    Can anyone recommend an aftermarket slip-on or full exhaust system that will be much quieter than the stock exhaust for a 2008 RMZ250?
  8. I will see if the dealers allow me to test each bike. One of them is still in the crate, so I am not too hopeful. Thanks.
  9. Looking for a trail bike and have the opportunity to purchase either of these bikes as brand new leftovers. $6,000 "out the door" for the KTM and $6,000 plus tax for the Husaberg. Love the idea of FI on the 'Berg as well as its revolutionary engine design. But I equally like the easy availability of parts, dealers, and support for the KTM. KTM may also have better resale value, but I might be wrong about that. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
  10. Started working on a 1981 Honda Z50 that has compression and spark. After cleaning the carb and air filter, and putting fresh gas in the tank,the bike starts, will rev, but does not run long before stalling whether choked or not. Seems to run better when cold but then does what I described. On inspection, the carb needles and jets look good. Should the carb get rebuilt anyway? Could the spark be weak? What about new points and condensor? Spark plug is also old but clean.
  11. bjc323

    2006 KX250F Mods

    Thanks for the info. Think I will go with the Pro Taper clamps and a set of fat bars.
  12. bjc323

    Triple clamps

    I actually already did a complete suspension rebuild with Factory Connection. The bike still pushes in tight turns though.
  13. bjc323

    Triple clamps

    Haven't tried that but would consider it. How high in the clamps are you running your forks?
  14. bjc323

    Triple clamps

    Thanks for the info. What manufacturer do you guys like? I want a complete set with steering stem so I do not have to press the old stem in the new clamps. I would also like to keep the oem clamps and stem complete in case I want to go back to the original offset. I know pro-taper makes a set called Accutrax. Neither RG3 nor PC make a complete set for the KX250F as far as I've seen.