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  1. ScottMc

    Husky TXC parts

    Your right Jeff, this is just brain storming with no real outcome of which way will work. My LBS is claiming something different, but he's not a Husky dealer either. He's just been wrenching for 20+ years so I will have to work with him. Getting to the bottom of this will only lead me to my next hurdle for owning a Husky, a BIGGER tank that will work with a SCOTTS stabilizer!........then never ending saga.
  2. ScottMc

    Husky TXC parts

    I just finished the first ride on the new bike and wow, new bikes feel so good.. Anyway, sounds like I will change out to the 35. The jetting now was bogging and stalling in the tight twisty stuff and the sudden turns. Yeah, jetting is the never-ending of what's right and what works. It's a start though and gives some good ideas.
  3. ScottMc

    Husky TXC parts

    Any feedback on what kind of jetting is working best for the TXC models out west? Lucky that it's easy to access the carb on the new bikes.