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  1. Can anyone tell me if the 07 and 08 exhaust mounting points are the same please? Im also looking for a set of 2008 stock triple clamps, anyone in the uk got a set theyd sell? Thanks
  2. Hi, looking for some information please, Im pretty sure the 07 crf 450 has 24mm offset and the 08 has 22mm, is this correct? If so is there any other bikes, cr 250 etc that have 22mm offset clamps that would fit the 07? Same width of fork clamping sur face etc. Thanks
  3. ktm kid

    Riding/bike hire in socal

    Sorry, i never really posted much information on my first post, i arrive on the 30th of december and leave on the 27th of january, flying in to LAX then meeting my buddy on the 3rd. Theres three of us going to rent an apartment,not sure of an exact location yet, looking like temecula or the surrounding are. They have bikes but im either going to rent or buy a used one and try and sell it before i leave. Mostly moto but some offroading in the hills etc,any mx bike would do, 250f,450f or two stroke. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi, im from scotland and planning heading to socal on the 3rd of january untill the 27th. I really want to do some riding when im there, can anyone help with bike hire? Or point me in the direction of a good used 450 at a good price, preferably a honda or kawasaki. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at shaunstewart9@hotmail.co.uk if you can help. Thanks
  5. Hi, just bought these parts from my dealer, i fitted them to my 2010 crf 450r and now the clutch wont clear, even when i adjust all the freeplay out the lever. It comes with a spacer washer to go under the locking tab, ive heard that people are running a thinner washer between the basket and inner hub? Anyone got any experiance with this set up? Im thinking if the washers to thick the hub will be sitting to far out and the push rod wont manage to push the pressure plate far enough to disengage the clutch. Thanks
  6. ktm kid

    Vac pump

    Yeh i had a search, thanks for that
  7. ktm kid

    Vac pump

    I've been looking at several vac machines,andreani, Race tech etc but now decided to build my own. It's just about finished, need a vac gauge and it's good to go. Just wondering how much vac you guys pull and what scales on your gauge. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. ktm kid

    Its not always the suspension

    Awesome thread, lot of complaints with suspension and turning could be helped with riding position and technique changes, fresh rubber and correct tyre pressures aswell as properly greased linkage bearings etc.
  9. ktm kid

    Enzo Vs Factory Connection

    Have you thought about mx tech? They have wp stuff dialled in
  10. It's awesome, there needle kit and progressive spring is very good. Haven't heard of any complaints?
  11. ktm kid

    Nitrogen res pds shock

    Either a good pin spanner,not ideal or a heavy duty racing tool,works awesome. Must use heat whatever way you do it.
  12. ktm kid

    head stays and chassis stiffness

    Has the swingarm pivot or engine mounts been slack at any time? Used to happen quite a lot on the 125's, we made some solid ones, never happened agaiun. Should be fine
  13. ktm kid

    2010 rmz 250

    Its on both the 250 and 450 karlace, got a nylon ring made similar to your one, works perfect.
  14. ktm kid

    10mm i.d shims

    Yeh ive tried RSS and k-tech, havent tried shock tech, KTM dont have the 30's available in that thickness. Waiting on some quad guys getting back to me so fingers crossed. MX-tech dont list 10mm i.d Ill figure something out, thanks.