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  1. dirt-350 my tracks on 5 acres been workin on it for ten years. I use a kabota, no clue on cost. I disk it, its a lot of fun, man Caiden huckin the triple at shougal is very impressive fast kid. thx trackmaster just a old guy havin fun
  2. nice tracks great response heres a couple more
  3. Video lame, I'm learnin.
  4. http://GOPRO729.MP4 all good till the bee
  5. im headed down to watch hangtown this weekend. then spend some time with my folks in the redding area (sun. mon. tues. wens.) my brother says bring your boat, not the bike. dont want to hall my boat down for a short trip. so.... anyone wake board in shasta or wiskey town? and is he right that its to dry to ride bikes? thanks
  6. im gona ride some demanding trails on tues morring castle rock area. its still pretty muddy, and i dont want to lead anbody on to a bad ride. so if your a seansoned trail rider, and you have the day off? im going reguardless around 9am its about 40mi.
  7. I know its short notice, i'm gona ride this afternoon 4-15-09 I thought I'd throw it out there call 430 1430 larry
  8. i might be in. i road up there 5 or so years ago. where do you start from? and how many miles are you riding? you can pm me if you want. ill be coming from longview.
  9. around noon
  10. been out on the track, a little wet, wens. should be better. I'm off exit 49 I-5. I dont think SM bikes would get traction this time of year.
  11. looks like my track will be ridable 2-17 & 2-18 in the afternoon's. give me a call and hopfully we can hook up. if it dont rain. cell 430-1430 larry
  12. i'm 5'6" also and i like my bars low. i rotate them back, not a lot. but not the middle. just my .02
  13. wow jm now thats a link with some pic's. thanks for post'in. glad everyone had a good time. i'll do what i can to make it happen again. i tamed down that kicker, havent hit it yet BRRRAAAAAAPP!!!!!!!
  14. looks like its a go. the rain stayed away, im gona disk in the morring. start riding at 10 or so. like to get 5-10 riders. give me call 360-430-1430 larry
  15. looks like i'll be able to ride my track this sat. 2-7. if you want to ride, call my cell. 360-430-1430 and i'll give detailes. do a search on this forum "track riding anyone" or pic's forum. "just a little track for fun" to see pic's.