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  1. karterron

    Anyone have any 05 RM250 parts for sell

    Bruce, go ahead and bid on the head, I bid on the Vforce already. I still have the PC pipe I took off my bike before selling it, so good there.
  2. karterron

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Damn, that sucks. At least you should be back for riding season.
  3. Specifically a Vforce3 reed? Anything else?
  4. karterron

    07 Kxf 450

    You're looking at the wrong type of bike if you want something that is bulletproof. None of the modern 450's are bulletproof. You don't twist a motor the way these are to be competitive and think you don't have a potential grenade on your hands. That's the price of ownership, you want the best equipment, it comes at a price. Reliability. Get a WR, XR, or CRX if you're that worried.
  5. karterron

    a reading from the book of viLLoPoTious

    Actually, Ryan was originally scheduled to run the East coast. The Alessi's and others had made the announcement many months ago they were also, was going to be an East coast shootout this year. Instead, PC decided to switch Ryan to West due to some injuries. Nice thought process, but nobody ran from anyone. Injuries are as much to blame as anything.
  6. karterron

    DeCoster, Hannah, Johnson, McGrath, RC

    Decoster outdoors, RC indoors.
  7. karterron

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Better check with the Dept of Corrections also, are you allowed to leave the State? Sparkplug, pull some strings for him.One of these days your gonna learn what's acceptable in public.
  8. karterron

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Add 2 to the list, looks like we should be good to go.
  9. karterron

    Anyone know where I can find an 05 or 06 RM250?

    Ended up buying the RM in Louisville. Total of 11 races on it, and it looks like it. Very clean bike. Paid $2,500 and brought it home. Time to start putting my leftover parts from my RM on it and order graphics and backgrounds. Nice bike, can't believe how much they are having to give two strokes away to sell them. Poor guy paid full boat for this bike at the beginning of last summer. Bike sat for 5 months with no buyers until they dropped the price to mid 2's. That's a hit I don't want to take, but looks like reality for people buying two strokes new currently.
  10. karterron

    Anyone know where I can find an 05 or 06 RM250?

    How much for the 05 and how far will you go for delivery. Gonna be tough to beat the deal I have on an 05 down here in Louisville (yes I am in Louisville now). Mod, left Columbus after my meeting this morning and headed towards Louisville. Was going to buy the YZ on the way but when I called the guy, someone else snatched it up this morning. We were going to buy it even though we didn't know if my son would like it or not. We felt like at that price, we could have sold this summer and not lost anything on it at that price if he didn't like it. Someone else recognized it was a good deal also. Looks like I am buying the 05 down here in Louisville with low time at $2,500. Cases are barely scuffed on this bike. Ran good too. Unless the Nebraska bike is a better deal, this one is going home with me tomorrow.
  11. karterron

    2003 RM 250 whats it worth?

    2000 rm250 wouldn't be worth much to me, when you can buy an 03 and up in the low 2k range. When they get to be that old there isn't a set price they are worth. There isn't much demand for them, so it really comes down to what your willing to spend and what the condition of a bike is. A 7 year old bike can be well cared for, or a clapped out piece of crap. You won't really know until you see it because you can't tell from photo's.
  12. karterron

    2003 RM 250 whats it worth?

    And he still wants that much? Pass, for that kind of money you can get an 05 or newer.
  13. karterron

    2003 RM 250 whats it worth?

    Horrible price in Florida. There is a 2006 model for sale in Cycletrader for $2,995. Go to Cycletrader.com, print off the 03 and up bike prices and tell the guy for $900 more I can get an 06, then offer him the $1,500. Maybe meet him halfway at $1750.
  14. karterron

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Al, don't hold a spot for us. If you get 16 for sures are whatever you need, we'll catch the next one. I probably won't know until the week before what my schedule is. I know I am in Denver next week, and Minneapolis the week after that. Not sure where I will be yet the other weeks. Weather plays a large part in it, so I won't know until later.
  15. karterron

    WIR / Feb 24 rental

    Chris and I are possibles. I'll have to see what my travel schedule is the week before and after.