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  1. 2 good ones (because they didn't happen to me)... I used to have a home made flat bed trailer - no sides, 3' or so off the ground (bed sat over the 15" wheels/tires) and the top of the trailer was galvanized sheet metal (smooth). I do a lot of construction work and the trailer was great for that - easy to fork lift materials on/off. I had 4 wheel chockes on the trailer - one for each dirt bike and I used 2x12's as ramps (painted with sand mix for traction). My son thought he would be cool and ride his yz 250 up the ramp instead of pushing it - went right up and right off the side of the trailer when the front tire skidded on the smooth metal. Wasn't hurt - damn it was funny....Another time - same trailer - we are going to check out a new track about an hour from the house - private track that offered memberships. We pull up and the wife of the owner meets us by my trailer. My buddy is unhooking the straps of his wr250 as I am talking to the lady. He is standing on the trailer - outside of the bike by ther trailer's edge - unhooks the inside strap (that he had cranked down) which is turn jerks the bike up into him - throws him off the trailer to the ground and the bike falls on him. Again - nothing hurt but his pride....
  2. If you hook your tie downs from your handlebars to the bottom of your forks/axle and compress - it will give you a few inches....
  3. trw

    Gearbox oil change...

    Did you take the filler cap off while draining? This will help it flow...
  4. trw- What percentage of your kids would you consider overweight, guestimation? At my school approx. 10% of the kids I tested failed the BMI part of their fitness test (BMI is not the most accurate test out there for determining body fat/body compostion - but it does give a pretty good general idea) What do you think is the primary cause of their weight issues? Parents, lack of excercise, diet (parents again), school food, genetics, or other? Probably a combination of all the above. I am at a surburban school - just north of Dallas (Lewisville ISD - about 25 miles north of Dallas) Generally speaking I would say the biggest problem is lack of consistant exercise - whether that is because of laziness (video games etc), lack of appropriate role models (parents or others), or in some cases just not being in an environment that is condusive to exercise - dangerous neighborhoods/apartment or project living/having to babysit siblings etc....The neighborhood where my school is at is middle class, safe, and a good place to raise kids - they can ride bikes, play soccer/basketball after school and enjoy the outdoors. I recently finished fitness testing all of our 2nd - 5th graders - Body Mass Index, push-ups, curl-ups, trunck lift, and a 20 meter pacer run. The majority of my kids did well - falling in the "healthy fitness zone" in the majority of the tests. Texas is now requiring all students in grades 3-5 to be fitness tested using what is called the fitnessgram test -more info can be found at http://www.cooperinst.org/products/grams/ Texas is being pretty proactive regarding kids health - having passed a law last year requiring the fitness test and also requiring all kids to have a minimum of 125 minutes a week of "vigorous activity" (not including recess). I can't speak for other schools/districts but the teachers in LISD work really hard to help students learn to make good nutritional choices and healthy lifestyle habits. As they say - if you don't take care of your body - where are you going to live? Terry *We'll keep this at the top of the first page until 06crf_er meets his goal.... even if we have to ask legitimate questions. A PE teachers point of veiw interests me, having kids myself.
  5. Every year the kids at my school (I am a PE teacher) participate in the AHA's Jump Rope for Heart event. Over the past 5 years they have raised over $33,000. What a great organization.... Interesting Facts about Heart Disease and Stroke: • Heart disease and stroke are America’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers and touch all of our lives. • Obesity among our nation’s youth has tripled in the past 15 years. • American children ages 2-17 spend more time watching television than any other activity except sleeping. • For the first time in history, children’s life spans are predicted to be less than their parents’ because of inactivity and obesity-related illnesses. • Heart disease and stroke claim the lives of about a million Americans each year – an average of 2600 American’s every day. Here's a bump for you - and great job.... Terry
  6. trw

    what year is this?

    Looks to be no newer than a 95. 97 had aluminum frame, 96 steel frame but the side plates were a little more triangular, 95 had side plates that were a little more square www.bikepics.com
  7. trw

    Cracked Case

    Yes - they need to be matched. Can you have the old case welded? My old KX250 threw it's chain and broke/cracked the case around the clutch arm/sprocket area - had it welded - I think it was around $80 for the welding - was pretty detailed work as I recall.
  8. trw

    Buying gear today

    If you are in the Dallas area go to Bates - I35 in Farmers Branch - they are in the phone book. Good selection of different brands and good prices
  9. trw

    Fork Seal will not seat!!!!

    You may want to put the old seal over top of the new seal to help protect it when driving it in Terry
  10. Leave the pilot where it is at - go down one size on your main. I have a 95 250 and that's where mine is at - was experiencing the same things - would foul a plug every now and then. Mix was at 40:1. Have not fouled a plug in months. Make sure you warm up your bike 5 minutes or so before you hammer it.... terry
  11. trw

    KX 100 compression

    I'll probably just go ahead and do it - was wondering about the compression psi and what/if to hone it with. My KX 250 is right around 230 psi. Don't have a manual for the 100 but the manual for the 250 says 150 - 175 is about normal. Seems a little low to me. Pison/rings and gasket kit is only around $70 so it's not like a big chunk of change...... Thanks for answering my queston about the hone ..... Terry
  12. Compression is right around 160 psi - sound about right or is it due for a top end? Bike seems to be running good..... thanks
  13. trw

    KX 100 compression

    My sons KX 100 (2000) doesn't seem like its running quite as good as it used to. Not much bottom end/midrange but seems pretty good up top. Starts easily and idles fine. Maybe it's just me - I know this bike is not going to have much down low - it just doesn't seem like it packs the punch that it once did..... Compression is 160 psi - does this seem about right - or am I due for a new top end? The last top end was done in the summer of 2005 (before we bought the bike). Any other suggestions? If I do go with a new top end do I hone the cylinder? Regular shoe type hone or something else??? thanks Terry
  14. trw

    kx100 tank swap

    we have a 2000 with a IMS tank - the tank has mounts for radiator guards on both sides. I ordered a set of guards for a 2003 model and bolted them on. You will have to fabricate a couple of frame mounts - but no big deal Terry
  15. trw

    need xr100 motor

    I probably have everything you need - am also in the Dallas area - email or call me Terry 972-339-0415 wrightt@lisd.net