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  1. damo lux

    13 radiator

    My buddy banged up his 13's right side radiator pretty bad. Having trouble finding a new set at a reasonable cost. But can however find plently for 10, 11 & 12's.....So will one from those models fit on a 13? Thanks in advance.
  2. damo lux

    B piston A barrel

    I got sent new parts to rebuild my bike, they sent me a "B" piston. Is it ok to put a "B" piston into an "A" barrel, the bike is an 04 CR125. Cheers
  3. damo lux

    Fork oil height

    Haha yeah, I've only done my CRF which has a set oil height as per the manual.
  4. damo lux

    Fork oil height

    Hey all, doing my mate's fork seals tomorrow and he does not have a manual. So what is the standard fork oil height for an 07 KX450?? Cheers guys.
  5. damo lux

    04 CR125 piston

    Well it does'nt matter now as I pulled the barrel off and found a crack in the bridge in the exhaust port. Done a bit of research and seems to happen a bit. So now I'm tossing up weather to replate or replace. I've had a look around and can get a new cylinder from the states for the same price as getting the old one fixed.
  6. damo lux

    04 CR125 piston

    G'day I'm about to do a top end on my cr124. It has been rebuilt before but not since I've owned it. My question is how do I know if it needs the next size up piston, i.e a "B" piston? Thanks
  7. damo lux

    CR125.... beginer??

    My wife rides an 04 CR125, she handles it quite well just trail/woods riding. The bike is stock, I thought about a flywheel weight when she first got on it but she does alright without it. I started her out on a yamaha blaster quad and then a drz125. Right from the start she only wanted to learn proper technique and body position etc, so now she has a good style that helps her handle the 125. P.s she hates my Crf250 and prefers the 2T hit.
  8. damo lux

    top end

    I am going to do the top end on my wife's 04 CR125. I will be ordering parts for it, what I would like to know is how do I know what size piston to get without tearing it down? I am a bit confused about what I've seen on the net about .25/.50 oversize etc? I don't want to tear it down then wait for parts, as I will be ordering these from the US. Thanks in advance.
  9. damo lux

    Dead engine start

    Some one told me to do this when cold, twist the throttle three times, choke, three slow kicks, top dead center, and one kick no throttle. Works every time for me. As for warm mine starts one kick with hot start and no throttle.
  10. damo lux

    Homedepot skidplate

    I love the orange zip ties!!!!!!! Thats soooooooo factory.
  11. damo lux

    !Good Timing Tip!

    My bike has five hrs on the meter, so I doubt the chain has stretched already! The marks are just not perfect is all.
  12. damo lux

    Air filter

    Hands up who hates the fitment of the air filter? It shits me every time I change it, otherwise I love everything about these bikes (on my second crf250). Thats all.
  13. damo lux

    !Good Timing Tip!

    Yeah I've heard the same tip but with a drinking straw. I Checked my valves yesterday and none of the marks lined up perfect.
  14. damo lux

    Oil Changing

    Get an hour meter and change it as per the manual. You will end up saving $$ rather than just going off the "two hard rides" theory.
  15. damo lux

    Post pictures of your black plastic

    Its posted in here some where but here ya go.......