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  1. I'm considering one, any opinions for just strictly Mx. Will it be better than manual or worse?
  2. mtgross

    Sell me your stock 450R parts

    I've got a stock seat w/ an aftermarket cover red black. Stock exhaust used, New oem front wheel. Make me an offer.
  3. mtgross

    OK, Now What Dr. Mark

    Thanks for all the help guys. I'm at the extremely bummed point at the moment, I love firefighting and racing my bike. The realization that it's over for 3-6 months really bites. I'm going to contact my insurance and see about my options, I will let you know what happens. Matt
  4. mtgross

    OK, Now What Dr. Mark

    Well the swelling has been very minimal, I started icing it almost immediately and taking ibuprofin. My range of motion is really good just that last little bit when I extend it almost to the hyperextend that hurts, but my flexion I can go all the way. I feel that I am walking normal, just sometimes when I push off with that leg I get a sharp pain, and it feels unstable going up and down stairs. I'll start on the bike tomorrow, how long before I can look towards surgery roughly.
  5. mtgross

    OK, Now What Dr. Mark

    I asked about my knee a few days ago, after sticking my leg straight into the ground to save myself off a jump. The MRI report is back. Complete tear of the ACL, and possibly a tear of the Medial Meniscus. My Doc mentioned doing a hamstring graft before the MRI, but here is my question. I am a professional firefighter, with my level of activity at work, and my desire to continue mx riding and racing. Should I suggest the pateller tendon autograft to my doc? What options will give me the best, speediest recovery, but also the strongest repair long term? Thanks for the help.
  6. I placed an order with motosport on a Monday, it took 4 days to pick the order in the wearhouse. It shipped on Saturday, and I got it on Wed. I will never order from them again, I can't believe it takes that long to get something shipped. I even sent them an e-mail to tell them how dissatisfied I was, suprise never got an answer from them.
  7. mtgross

    Question for Dr. Mark

    Dr. Mark thought I'd let you know. No fractures on the x-rays, ligaments seem to be intact, they suspect some cartilage damage. I will see my orthopod on mon for the final scoop. Thanks again for your advice.
  8. mtgross

    Question for Dr. Mark

    Thanks for the quick reply, I'll have it looked at.
  9. mtgross

    Question for Dr. Mark

    I got a bit out of sorts in the air off of a large table top jump. To save the landing and avoid scattering myself all over the track I stuck out my right leg to save myself ( I know wrong thing to do ) and jammed my leg into the ground when I landed. My right knee just doesn't feel right, no real swelling, didn't feel a pop, but it won't lock all the way straight out now, and just feels like the joint is swelling. I know you wouldn't diagnose over the net, but any suggestions on what it might be, and if I should go see my orthopod?
  10. Well I figure that this is a good spot for my first reply also. I rode when I was a kid but quit around 14 or so, my last bike was a Cr125. I played with street bikes for a while until I got married then stopped that too. Now I'm 38, got the bug again and bought a CRF450r, nothing like jumping into the deep end out of the box. Slowly it is coming back more seat time equals feeling better in the air. Best story though, two weeks ago I decided that I would enter my first race. Just happened to be the Loretta Lynn qualifyer in Duquoin IL. My wife is standing there watching and strikes up a conversation with the woman standing next to her. This woman asks my wife how old her son is thats racing today, my wife says 38 and this is his first race, the woman looks at her with this look of abject horror on her face and says " and he picked this as his first race?" Long story short top eight qualify for regionals, 35+ class I get 6th place and qualify, of course there were only 6 of us in the class. Ha Ha old and slow, but having a blast.