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  1. good day,i am intrested in getting some more riders into our club, we are the MOUNTAIN RIDERS ATV CLUB. altough we are only 4 strong now, hopefully with some help from here we can grow together. we love to ride the mountians of west virginia , wide open riding, no rules , no regulations , no laws, oh that is only except follow us. so lets see what we can do!
  2. Suzuki

    ok, i've tried the 155, 160,and 165 jets, the needle at clip pos.# 3 and # 4 .stock pilot,lid off. i installed the cam my self. replaced the cam chain and related parts. all marks lined up before and after.tdc,marks lined up with head, 13 pins between arrows .checked and rechecked and then again. it pulls hard ,runs like a scalded dog cold, when it gets hot it starts to stutter when i hold the throttle at a cruise , push the throttle and it pulls then stutter, and so on, it seems really as though it does it at a cruise. i know its hard to really explain the problems here , but every little bit helps.
  3. Suzuki

    i have another thread called"hit and miss". i detailed my bike problems there.and as for the white bros. box, thats not the problem and its way better than the stock. but sure there is better ones im sure, but thats the one i got.
  4. Suzuki

    just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with the coil on their bike? i've been having a problem with my ltz"hit and miss" and have narrowed it down to electrical, i put my stock cdi box back on and had the same problem only not as severe, then put back the w/b box and there it was. what i do know is that it is very frustrating.
  5. Suzuki

    what about the head gasket?, i've been told that you can remove the middle of the 3 piece head gasket. the parts man at the dealer said it can be done.?
  6. just an update,well, it is not the carb. my buddy has a z also and he let me use his carb. his runs perfect, got it out ,warmed her up, and there it was. so it isn't the im looking into the electrical side of it, sure is frustrating, thanx.
  7. no, when i hold the throttle just past 1/2 it will start to pop,as if it was missing. squeese a little and it pulls but does run like a scalded dog. i'm starting to think it's got something to do with the float, maybe, but why only after it gets good and hot? thanx.
  8. i have an 03 ltz 400 full dmc alien system,pro flow kit,rev box, dynojet kit clip#3, lid off ,sea level, and have the 155 in now. i just installed a hotcam stage 1 intake cam and new chain. well since this new "improvment" it has a severe pop at just past 1/2 throttle. every gear, but only after it gets good and hot, about a half hour of some hard riding, and it pulls the whole time. i did clean the carb when it was apart, the valves all checked out fine , after several diff. inspections. sure hope you can help.
  9. Suzuki

    so, any inside info from round 1 practice at glen helen yet?
  10. Suzuki

    no, didn't check that. the thing is , it pulls the whole time while it pops, every gear from just past 1/2 throttle, other than the pops, it runs like a scalded dog.
  11. Suzuki

    hello all, new here , yea another newbie,ha-ha. well any way i have an 03 z400 dmc alien full system, pro-flow kit, jetted (160) ,and hot cam intake stage 1, well my problem is that when it gets hot it starts to miss at about 1/2 throttle, best way to descibe is it is missing a cylinder. it still has plenty of hit just a dead spot. i have cleaned the carb several times, checked timing and valves, all in specs. any suggestions?