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  1. kelii_supertt

    Where Can I Rid in San Diego

    The place were I use to go has been closed "Amago". I need a place were I can ride with out any cops. Please Let me know. Kelii
  2. kelii_supertt

    KTM vs Husky 450 SMR

    Thank's for the Info
  3. kelii_supertt

    5.5 rear rim

    Correction: KTM can't go to 5.5 rear rim, It will be to tight. Its already tight with a 5.0 with 165/55's. (450 2005 SMR)
  4. kelii_supertt

    KTM vs Husky 450 SMR

    Dont know which one to buy. Using brother in-laws KTM 450 SMR "Its Fast" in the SuperTT Vet 35 (#167) www.supertt.com Want to by my own so we can race in the same class. We both ride sport bikes In-Law (honda CBRR) me (Yamaha R1) We always talk Sh_t to each other about brands. So which is Better "Bang for the Buck"
  5. kelii_supertt

    Race Series in the SouthEast

    KTM or Husky 450 SMR ? Which one is a better Buy for Racing www.supertt.com