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  1. beevel

    New colors

    Dude, nice colors don't know where I've seen it before though, Oh yeah mine, http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=20392&thumb=1 I thought I was the only one to like the green white combo, you have the same rack that I do as well. I went with a white tank for the same reason as spacedog, I would assume that while black plastic may always be available green will eventually be discontinued, and a white tank with black plastic is almost as sweet as our green.
  2. That sounds like a sweet setup, do you have any pictures that you could post.
  3. Don't listen to the morons who spout off about this bike not being good off-road. Change the gearing to 14-47 (e spec) and do a dynojet kit and this bike is the perfect trail/play bike, note I didn't say RACE bike. There appear to be number of people who feel that the only good trail bike is a higher performance 4 stroke, crf/wr/ktm etc. Sc**w them, off road motorcycling has always been and will always be 90% rider. My buddy rides a ktm250exc and I can destroy him everywhere off-road, my brother's buddy rides an xt225 and he can destroy me off road, is it the bike nope its the rider. Buy what you like and ride it, don't listen to the morons who put down your bike.
  4. beevel

    New to the site!

    I've been browsing this site for a while, even made a few posts so I may be out of line here but.... Why does everyone sound surprised that a stock 400 cc motorcycle gets walked away from by a stock 640cc motorcycle.....? Note I said stock, not modified, I have a klx400 and I love that bike but I will never be surprised if a bike 150cc larger leaves in its wake. Just rambling thanks......
  5. beevel

    post up some cool color combos

    Yep, a 270 on the rear and a maxis 6006 on the front. The 270 has about 8000km on it now probably another 1000km to go before I feel the need to replace due to traction issues. I actually like it, sticks fantastic to pavement and with some air pressure reductions works as well as my skills allow off-road. I have a mitas c17 and pirellie mt21 sitting in the garage waiting to go on, but due to my friends and brother always jamming out of rides I will be putting 270's back on front and rear when the mitas and pirelli are done, why have the traction of dot knobbies if most of your riding is fireroad and street.
  6. beevel

    post up some cool color combos

    green + white
  7. beevel

    Seat help.

    I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm 6'2" and 240 lbs, I ride my klx400 on road more than off at the moment, my ride to work consists of about 15 minutes on surface streets and about 30 minutes of highway work(65 -70mph) one way. After getting home in the evening my butt is killing me, my tailbone hurts and takes a few days to return to normal, in fact my butt gets so pinched that my tailbone even aches when going from a sitting to standing position so I have decided that I must get a new seat. I've searched and decided that the corbin saddle is not for me, I am just not willing to give up 3" in seat height for a seat of questionable comfort. After researching I've decided on the guts racing seat foam, I am going to get the tall foam but I am having difficulty deciding between the standard and hard foams. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which foam they prefer, I'm not expecting to make this bike goldwing comfortable just a little nicer to my rear end.
  8. beevel

    a genuine DRz400S?

    Easiest way I think is to check the frame. There should be a fork lock on the right hand side of the headtube. If the fork lock is there, S frame, no fork lock E frame.
  9. beevel

    Dynojetted and bike hunts when cruising

    Yeh, let us know. My bike was exactly as yours, pulled clean past 3/4 throttle, but like I said the only thing that helped me was the 142.5, I figure I'd rather chance being a little rich on full throttle than lean at cruising speed.
  10. beevel

    Dynojetted and bike hunts when cruising

    I had the same issues as you, tried clip 3,4,4.5,5 nothing helped. I ended up going back to the stock 142.5 main with the clip on 4 and everythings good now.
  11. beevel

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    Thanks I like the look of the green sidepanels and white Clarke. As for the tires that I'm running the front is a Maxxis 6006 and rear is a Kenda K270. The rear is an excellent 50/50 tire. Works well on the road and last a relatively long time, its got about 7000km(4400miles) on it and looks like it will probably go another 1000km easy. As I said tire works well on road and with some pressure let out it works decently off-road as well. I am not as happy with the 6006 on the front even though it also has about the same mileage on it, it just doesn't have enough off-road grip for a 50/50 tire. I have a pirelli mt21 rear (which my brother is happy with) and a Mitas c-17? waiting in the garage. I'm looking to get better off-road traction without too drastic of a reduction in mileage. If I don't get what I'm looking for out of the Pirelli I'll be buying a front and rear Kenda 270 next time around. Oh and most of the mileage on these tires is Hiway mileage running at about 65 to 75 mph. Oh and a side note, I read on this forum about the Clarke tank being a Nut buster. Let me say that if you are on the vertically gifted sided (taller than 6ft) the tank will probably give you a slighlty more comfortable street ride, I can now comfortably squeeze the tank with my legs when sitting, something that I couldn't do with the stock tank.
  12. beevel

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    2004 klx 400
  13. beevel

    recommended racks and rad guards

    I live in BC as well, I was in the same boat trying to decide which rack to get, though about pro moto billet and tonns. But after finding the kytech website (by fluke) I order one of their racks. 181.00 bucks delivered taxes in, cheaper than any one that I could have ordered from the states. Looks great (as good as a rack can anyway), fits perfect, solid, and even though the rack looks quite wide on the website, is still sleak enough to not be intrusive.
  14. beevel

    Following a DRZ w/ an open RS3?

    Okay, Bike in my blindspot when I can I hear him? after he is at about ear level,with an open window and no radio on maybe just before he enters my blind spot, still not enough time for him to respond should I decide to change lanes, and this is from a person who being a biker is more aware of his surroundings from the years of constantly monitoring traffic while on my bike. As for other scenarios, left hand turning driver is the MAIN scenario, being lane changed into is what I would consider the secondary scenario. Again I used one scenario my point was that Riding skills save lives, the 16 - 18 year old squid riding his gsxyzfcbrxxx through a 30mph residential street at 60mph is definitely going to ask for a refund for the loud race can that he purchased after he realizes that is did s*** to keep him from hitting the car making a left turn from a side street. The only thing that pipe will accomplish is to piss people off when he's screaming up and down the street in the middle of the night with his 100 decibel wail bouncing off of peoples bedroom windows. I'm not saying don't buy loud pipes, I'm just saying that people should step up to the plate and admit that the only reason they purchased that loud pipe was for : 1) power 2) Bragging rights, dude my bike sounds awesome, or 3) Look at me status NOT 4) I bought it because everyone knows "Loud Pipes Save Lives"
  15. beevel

    Following a DRZ w/ an open RS3?

    Finally someone who shares my sentiment. LOUD PIPES DO NOT SAVE LIVES...... RIDING SKILLS DO!!!! Scenario: Sitting in your car at a light. Windows open, radio on. You see coming from your left some sort of motorcyle.... Question when do you actually hear that bike? Ussually just as he approaches the intersection, load pipe or not. (if I can't see you and I can't hear you and I pull left in front of you what is going to save you? ) You guessed it riding skills... When does the loud pipe really make a difference? After he has passed you, you can hear those loud piped beasts pull away from you for blocks. I know I am a newb on this site, but I have been street riding for 20 years and there is absolutely nothing that can replace skill in being safe on the streets.