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  1. dirt fool

    Monthly Poll: Riding Experience

    35years now hate to see this riding season end here in michigan.i will retire at the end of this year,looking forward to many more miles of both dirt and street riding.
  2. dirt fool

    YZ250 or Wr450

    i too have both bikes 06 wr450,02 yz250. i love them both. i,m 53 225. both bikes are set for eastern woods riding.you can ride the 250 more aggesive, charge harder. brke better.hit the big wopdee doos easier.the 250 is more of a racer.but i love the 450 when i want to kick it back a notch, or your allday riding pace. plus if you need to jump on the road,the 450 is super fun ,an the 250 sucks . i thought i would sell my 250 after getting the 450, but its still rules in the tight single tracks.dont forget the 450 gets much better mpg,s.
  3. dirt fool

    2007 wr 450f

    hay fallsalot try hondaeast of toledo youll get a better price
  4. dirt fool

    '06 WR450F with specific setup

    hay airhose im a mich trailrider,have done free mods pmb insert, no jd kit only gytr needle .i lowered me gearing added a acp cover.got did of the 739 in the front.it runs great for me and still get 40mpg, still goes 85mph, i must be in heaven man
  5. dirt fool

    Is this kx500 better than a wr450?

    having owned a k5,and it was set for the woods, i would say no way. far to demanding,it will tire you out way faster. mine was a 90 but the bike never changed in all its prodution run.i had my fun with it but after riding a newer 250 i was convinced. the 500 will not turn or stop is not as comfortable as my 02 yz250 and i pushed that to the back of the shed when i rode my new wr450. and if your going to hurt yourself the 500 will do that in an instant.
  6. dirt fool

    From Red to Blue

    right about grease,i always pull the off take the seals out of the wheel bearings.carefully and grease them up good. and have fun
  7. dirt fool

    quite aftermarket muffler

    is there a truely guite aftermarket out there.lm talking 94db. how about the fmf q, or the whitebrother e-2. has anyone passed a 94db. sound check with any aftermarket muffler?
  8. hey has anybody tryed the metzler m-5 intermedate tire its really inexpensive and lasts a long time.
  9. dirt fool

    Miles for tank full on stock WR450

    40+mpg my first ride.mich trails .i was very easy on the throttle.still i was impressed,compaired to 25mpg from my yz250.
  10. dirt fool

    who in michigan south east does suspension

    i had mcr do my yz250 and it turned in to a great woods machine. have also riden other bike matt has done all are great improvment over stock. had my 06wr450 done in feb. but cant ride due to a ruptured acchilles tenden. i also weigh 225lbs. i highly recomend MCR.
  11. dirt fool

    05yzf seat

    thanks Matty,isaw one on e-bay an was tempted!!
  12. dirt fool

    05yzf seat

    will a seat off a 05 yz450 fit ok on my 06 wr450.
  13. 53 just ruptured achilles tendon plating backetball, new 450 waiting to get broke-in
  14. dirt fool

    radiator overflow tank

    thanks for the great replys,think ill leave on the tank for a while.
  15. dirt fool

    radiator overflow tank

    do i need this overflow tank, i ride michigan have never overheated my old bike.(02yz250). has anyone taken theirs off.