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  1. I'd take you up on the offer but I'm going up North this weekend. I'll take a raincheck for sure. Have a blast and be safe. John
  2. JTMI

    Tire: Dunlop 90/100 21 vs 80/100 21

    Bananas if they just begin to get brown spots, Apples in a pie. Seriously though, the reason I ask the question on DOT rating is that I really know nothing about tires and how they are rated or not rated. It's an important decision for me and I just want to make sure that I'm making an informed decision and not looking for the right or wrong answer. As you said (and I agree) only I can decided the right or wrong part.
  3. JTMI

    Tire: Dunlop 90/100 21 vs 80/100 21

    So I'm still on the fence on tires. I looked at the Scorpion pro and it looks like a good tire, but I don't NEED a DOT. I just want a really good front. That being said, is getting a DOT like the Scorpion pro a compromise over other non-DOT fronts?
  4. JTMI

    Can i handle a 250F?

    Ahh...the age old question from youngsters. The answer is quite simple. If you have to ask, then the answer is no.
  5. Hee hee hee...flatbillers...that's my new favorite saying.
  6. That is exactly what you will say. Old age and treachery will beat youth and enthusiasm every day.
  7. Travis, what shop do you work at? I'm from Michigan.
  8. JTMI

    Help choosing 2nd/lighter bike

    KDX hands down. The oft-cited do-it-all 2 stroke. If I didn't have my xr4, I'd have a KDX. Now you just have to choose the flavor. The 220 is supposed to have better low end tractability. This site does a comparison between the two: http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/200vs220.html I love shopping for bikes for other people!!!! John
  9. JTMI

    Diagnosis Needed

    Excellent advice. Since it's March in Michigan (and everywhere else for that matter), I will have plenty of time to check the valves before I do any riding. Really appreciate the feedback from you all. ThumperTalk members rock. Regards, John:ride:
  10. JTMI

    Diagnosis Needed

    Back from the movie; here's my update (on the bike not the movie): My starting procedure: Fuel on Trans in Neutral Choke on Pull decomp hold kill switch kick 8 - 10 times release decomp release kill switch find TDC kicked twice and it started right up Neither problem I posted about earlier happened this afternoon. I kept the fuel on before doing anything and no leaking. Maybe running it yesterday cleared the cobwebs out. Changed the oil and filter and it started right up again. I get maybe the fuel leakage issue resolved itself after running the bike yesterday, but why/how could the kick-start problem have been resolved by doing basically nothing? Maybe if it was the valves, they loosened up as well. Stumped but happy in Michigan. John
  11. JTMI

    Diagnosis Needed

    Ok...will be leaving soon to take the kids to the movies. When I return I'll spend some time in the garage and do some checking. Will report back what I find.
  12. JTMI

    Diagnosis Needed

    Thanks for the response on the float valve. I'll pull the carb and check it out. I don't think the decomp lever is being pulled because after I roll the bike a foot or so in first, there is plenty of resistance on the kick starter and once I pull the decamp I can feel the kickstarter ease up.
  13. JTMI

    Diagnosis Needed

    Hey all...I need some help trying to figure a couple things out. When I went to start my XR400 this weekend I noticed a couple strange things: 1) When I opened the fuel petcock selector and before I did anything else, fuel started dripping out of the tube (breather I think) under the engine. 2) When I went to start it, there was little resistance to the kick starter; ie. I couldn't find TDC. To resolve item 2 above, I put the bike in 1st, and scooted forward a few feet to get the piston moving. Then, I was able to find TDC and start the bike with no problem. Also, after the bike was started, it no longer dripped fuel. So...what's going on? The bike ran absolutely flawlessly last year before I put it up for the winter. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks...John
  14. JTMI

    Swingarm Bolt Lube

    Hey TT-er's partial to the awesome XR400... I removed my swingarm bolt will little issue and now want to know what type of lube I should...well...lube it with. I was going to use trailer wheel bearing grease but am open to suggestions. Please advise. Thanks, John
  15. JTMI

    Tire: Dunlop 90/100 21 vs 80/100 21

    I'm not necessarily looking for a DOT tire, I just want a really good front. If it's DOT that's a plus but not necessary.