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  1. Ive got the old style cases on my '08! Great!
  2. Can i get that from Halfrauds? lol
  3. Ive got a 2008 RMZ 450, need some advice on oil here in the UK. I have read about Rotella T but i dont think that we can get that over here. So what do the UK guys use??
  4. Does anyone know what oil we should use on the RM-Z here in the UK?
  5. My 08 did exactly the same thing! I must have kicked it 30 or 40 times and then she fired up, but spat a puddle of oil from the breather hose. I havent started her since because the oil didnt look too good!
  6. Ive just purchased a used 2008 model. Is there any way of identifying if the engine or cases have been upgraded to the 2009 ones?