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  1. edofloat

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    I have mainly ridden MX tracks because that is what we had, but I'd like to check out trails, sand pits, whatever. Just not real interested in riding through the trees with 2" of clearance on each side of the bars at GNCC speeds, I think I am much more comfortable with 3" of clearance. I now possess more brains than balls, at least that's my story that's why I need that extra inch. I think I am going to anodize some of the parts on my DRZ and do some powder coating. I think I need some red parts with clear powder coating.
  2. edofloat

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    Well now were out of luck for probably 2-3 weeks with 12" more snow...drat. I suspect you guys trail ride or run GNCC???
  3. edofloat

    Anyone from Minnesota?

    Hi all, just moved from Detroit Lakes over to Duluth. Looking for some people to ride with.
  4. edofloat


    The chicken hauler is right, there is less heat per gallon in E10, i think it's like 4,000 btu or so. So under wide open throttle you just don't have quite as much heat so you need just a bit more fuel than you used to have to get the same amount of heat, so you need more volume and thus may have to go just a tick richer. I think most of the fuel we get these days is terrible with poor shelf life as well. I only run non-oxygenated fuel here so it is pure gas rather than 10% ethanol. I have had problems in the past in the two strokes with phase separation, nor sure why for sure as I had very good oil but all the fuel is pretty crappy.
  5. edofloat

    When to use race gas?

    High compression engines like high octane fuels.
  6. edofloat

    06 SM Jetting Q

    I think the stock pipe on most 4 stroke MX bikes seem louder and I have the RS3.
  7. What does the washer do between the clip and the spring on top. You know the one above the clip? I have mine in there but what is the function of that one?
  8. edofloat

    Yosi pipe ?

    If you want stainless get the RS3
  9. edofloat

    new drz owner, what to wear?

    I would recommend more than a bath towel, if you high side, endo, lay it down or otherwise crash in fine fashion it may leave a mark on you. Plus you may bleed a little so make sure your blood can clot before you ride with a only a towel even if you are a god on two wheels.
  10. edofloat

    What tires do you run for offroad ?

    I run Kenda Millville Sticky tires for off road and woods riding, for soft to medium terrain. They have great traction in loamy soils.
  11. edofloat

    where to get tires?

    I bought from www.bobscycle.com and www.denniskirk.com
  12. edofloat

    Lookin for some black plastic

    If you want a black air box cover they only come with the hardware and a OEM one costs like $99, no kidding. So the side panels for the three pieces from Suzuki must be like $140 total.
  13. edofloat

    earl experts?

    I would guess using that breakin method without knowing how many miles you have now you at least have riden it enough to seat the rings. If you hve like 500 miles I'd just go ahead now, the biggest thing would to make sure the rings have seated and I would guess you are long past that time already.
  14. edofloat

    Handlebar Grips

    Just put new ones on they are $10 a pair. Plus they use so much adhesive putting them on at the factory to the throttle tube it's just a pain to get the grip off the cheapo throttle tube. Make sure you're careful with the utility knife and you don cut through the throttle tube. It took me a while to get the one off the trottle tube in small pieces.
  15. edofloat

    removing bar end weights

    If your not going to use them agian grab it with a locking pliers then take out the fastner. Or maybe a crack from an impact driver will get it started.