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  1. ktm82

    trying to make expert after injury

    that makes a lot of sense i focous to much on where i fin ish instead of how i rode. i get caught up on guys i use to be faster than and now they are beating me....
  2. ktm82

    trying to make expert after injury

    thanks to all i now know im not the only one trying to race with some mental scars. for me the toughest part is trying to hang it out when i have to.
  3. i shattered my leg 2 years ago,and rehab it for 6 months. i came back last year and really struggled all year never went as fast as i did before i got hurt. i trained my but off all winter and my season just started i just need to get the mental part down to start doing good again. i feel like my speed is coming back and i just need to get what happened out of my head... thankyou for any input or help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thats all i use hear in new england. they work real good just watch the front knobs when the tire starts to go the knobs will start to peal back. but the tire works everywhere and stick and hook up like no other. they also come of the gate like a drag tire. go with a mt 32 scorpion. i was also looking into trying a set of dunlop 773 just for the hell of it how do they work?
  5. ktm82

    Stefan Everts onboard KTM

    where can you buy those tommin handlebars!!!!!
  6. ktm82

    offset clamps for 07

    22 mill tri stars
  7. ktm82

    Yoshimura exhaust

    i am also going to pick one up how much longer is it
  8. ktm82

    Taller Bars

    try the flex bars from fast co you won't believe how good they are
  9. ktm82

    fasst co flex bars

    so how come not a lot of people are using them i almost feel like an outsider for even ordering a set. i race in the northeast we race a lot of tight rought tracks including southwick atleast twice a month. I actually got a set to try from my friend who is an expert so if they rae good for him they are gooe for me im only a ameture. I have been trying to see if some national guys are running them but no luck. If anyone else has info on them keep the post a live cause i can't find any advice on them where im from!!
  10. ktm82

    fasst co flex bars

    i think i made the right choice how much can u adjust the height on them i run aftermarket clamps and with the clamps i have to run my bars a little bit lower than normal because the mounts are tall.
  11. ktm82

    fasst co flex bars

    do they effect cornering. i actually felt like i could corner better. it almost feels to go to be true thtas why i am a little cautious on them but i haven't heard anything bad about them.
  12. ktm82

    fasst co flex bars

    im just a little scared to get them since i don't see anyone else using them other than my friend.
  13. ktm82

    fasst co flex bars

    has anyone used these bars. I just ordered a set and they where a little pricey but i rode with them for one moto on my friends 06 450 and i have a 07 with stock renthals and his felt unbelievable compared to mine. it almost felt to good to be true. i was just wondering if anyone else had an expierience with them.
  14. ktm82

    14-51 gearing

    i just started running the 14-52 last week
  15. ktm82

    14-51 gearing

    how would the 14-48 be for motocross