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  1. I have a '92 WR. Do you know what replacement seat fits on that model, I don't like the current one. I am also looking for a rear fender, what models will fit on that bike. It is a great bike!
  2. Will an OEM voltage regulator from an '06 WR 450 fit an '04 WR 450? thanks IB
  3. where is the cheapest place to get OEM rear hub? There are none on ebay:thumbsdn: thanks IB
  4. Anyone know where I can get one cheap? Ab bad bearing reamed out my hub. I epoxied the bearing in, but at some point I am sure the hub may need replaced. thanks IB
  5. does anyone have, or know where I can get a rear hub or a complete rear wheel for cheap for my 04 wr450? Thanks- IB