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    Preparing for a harescramble!!

    I have never ridden a hare and hound but I think about the only difference between that and a hare scramble is trees. An enduro is a whole other story. The first two are flat out go as fast as you can for the alloted time while the enduro is pretty complex and based on maintaining a set average time X distance with checkpoints. If you arrive at a checkpoint early or late you are penalized.All are a blast. I have read all the postings here and all offer some really good ideas. My suggestion is just try it. It is very important to use a good set of boots and chest protector, there will be lots of flying objects coming at you. With the bike you have you should not have any problem. If you find you like it invest in a good set of handguards, we use the cycra handguards with the tripple clamp mount more money but a lot more durable, we don't use camel baks we hydrate before and grab a bottle of water with a plastic tube in the cap on each lap if needed. Skid plates etc. are a very good idea. By the way get out of the way of faster riders, Pros competing for a purse and points riders will move you if you do not yield. Also most will have a begginer class do not be embarrased to start out in that class. Most require that once you trophy in the begginer class that you have to move up. But if you race in a higher class and find that you cannot compete at that level you have to petition to move down.