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  1. DezertDave

    Help me decide Please

    Not a bad price.
  2. DezertDave

    2005 Z400 top speed

    I hit 74.3 according to my GPS on my LTR450 at Parker Az on the pavement.Stock gearing and wheels with a Yosh exhaust,cherry bomb and lid removed.
  3. DezertDave

    LTZ400 fuel range with stock 2.7 Gal tank

    I'm getting the same mileage with my LTR.It depends on how you ride.
  4. DezertDave

    marty moates

    RIP Marty,thanks for the memories.Jim too.
  5. DezertDave

    People over 30 still ridin dirt

    I'm 40,try to ride every weekend when the weather is not too hot.I ride a '04 yz250.My Dad is 63 still kicks over his XR400 and rides a couple times a month.