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  1. jumpin_tumper

    drinkwater flats: open or not?

    i ride there all the time on my 525 exc yeah.....
  2. jumpin_tumper

    pushing feel on the 06 450

    sell it!!!get the ktm and you will be happy!!
  3. jumpin_tumper

    Yz 400f

    i sold my 99 yzf for 2500 and it ran good. and i went with the525 ktm. the ktm is way better...
  4. jumpin_tumper

    What's an '01 426 worth?

    Buy A 525 Ktm And You Will Be Happy..............
  5. jumpin_tumper

    Price on new 06 450

    go for the ktm 525!!!!!!!!
  6. jumpin_tumper

    Flogging a Dead Horse

    look buy a ktm 525!!!!! blue red and no good
  7. jumpin_tumper

    Timing chain

    just but a new bike like a ktm 525.....