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  1. I've found Yamaha sets them at 9 1/4 turns in from the factory. That's how I set all of mine when I put them back together.
  2. That's too bad...the 09 is one hell of a good motorcycle.
  3. I had an 06, the 09 is a huge improvement! The suspension is just incredible and the turning is drastically improved (once I dumped the D742FA front tire). Other than a few offroad specific items I haven't done a thing to it.
  4. My thoughts exactly. The 09 is a great bike, $5480 OTD for a white one. The suspension is amazing. I've been riding tight rooty, rocky single track with the factory settings. Motor is very smooth, perfect for eastern HS (maybe some enduro too).
  5. I don't know if he is still on Am-Pro; Jason Raines was on a YZ smoker at the Rad Dad Nat'l Enduro.
  6. I've got an 09 250F with ~15 hours. Any tips on getting the strainer out? I've tried to get the hose off but usually end up beating my knuckles and give up.
  7. Too pretty to ride...
  8. I just went from a 07 YZ250 to a 09 YZ250f for racing HS/enduro and couldn't be happier. The 250f has an amazing amount of grunt and the suspension is excellent out of the box for MX, enduro or HS. It is also the best turning Yamaha I've owned. I'm not sure about older YZ250f's but the new one has very little clutch drag when starting in gear, comperable to a 2-stroke IMO. My 06 YZ450 has plenty of drag when trying to start in gear BTW! The 250f is much less tiring than the 2-stroke. I have no regrets about the switch.
  9. I've been very impressed with the quality of our Jayco Octane.
  10. I got a OEM kit from them in January!
  11. I've got an 06 YZ450 with the following mods: Dr. D pipe GYTR FWW (offroad) R&D Powerbowl Scott's fuel screw jetting is 165 main/45 pilot, never touched the needle. Elev is around 600-1000ft I tore the rear end down for it's annual regreasing and was thinking about installing a JD kit while I had it apart. I have issues stalling on low speed trails and was wondering if the JD kit would help. The bike runs great, the plug looks good (checked the valves while I have it apart). Is the JD kit worth the $80?
  12. I have a 9 and a 13 Steahly, I like the 13 better. I thought it might feel slow, but I can't tell a difference on acceleration. It sure does lug down lower though.
  13. I have the WC cages and an IMS on my 06, no problems. I will say the WC cages can be bent. I hit a pine tree square on the tip of my left radiator shroud. I made the shroud look like an accordion and bent the cage back some, but the radiator was undamaged. I went back to the truck, unbolted the shroud, straightened everything up and went riding. I think I got my money's worth on that one.
  14. What BCBS plan do you have? I have BCBS of GA HMO and wondered if I ever needed to go to TX if they'd beat me up (BCBS of GA).
  15. Sounds like my 04.5 Dmax. Easily the worst truck I've ever owned, more trouble codes and eletrical problems than you could shake a stick at. I dumped it after 1 year and 35663 miles. The Dodge dealer gave me my payoff on the trade and I walked away.